Afghan Aid and Karzai's Dubai Empire

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  1. I think this is just more propaganda to try and discourage further aid to war ravaged Afghanistan.
    There's no way there could be any truth to it, could there??

    The Karzai empire, villas in Dubai and fears over Afghan aid - Telegraph
  2. Mmmm,

    I feel this is entirely credible.

    Few people want to know Karzai was an advisor/promoter to the large international oil firms before he was more or lessly installed as Afghan president and supported by the Bush2 administration. Karzai was a major
    player in the now "on hold" deal to lay major oil pipelines across Afghanistan to move oil from former Russian provinces.

    Karzai comes from and enjoys a long and cozy relationship with big international oil. There is little doubt he will return to his roots when his time in Afghanistan ends.

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    I just hope they leave a little for common man to survive. (they usually do) ,,,sam.
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    Yep, no way a leader would do something like that!