After market magazines for the Ruger 10/22

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  1. Ok all, I'm thinking of getting a Ruger 10/22 for me and my son to plink and maybe someday squirrel/rabbit hunt with. I'd also like to get one because GOD forbid they ban it as it's on the proposed ban list of HR 1022, all because of the flippin' 10 round magazine.

    Anyhow, if I do, I'd like to not only get a few more 10 rounders but I'd like to try a few of the 30 rounders I've seen for them. My question then is, do they work good? Do they have a tendency to jam or anything like that? Do they malfunction at all?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. The TI's are the best. The composite ones are only $35 and just as tuff as the $70 aluminum mags. I use 30 rd mags in my krinker plinker, but for a normal stock I find the 10 round oem mags much easier to carry in the field.

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    stay way from the eagle 30 rounders, they maybe temting becouse there cheap but you get what you pay for......... i like the butler creek 25 round mags ive never had a problem of any kind with eather of mine.
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  5. I like the transparent 10 rounders vs the black ones. Easier to see ammo
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    I agree that the butler creek 25 rounders are a good bet, but each rifle is different. The BC 25's are a good starting point, but sometimes it takes a little trial and error to find the right mag/ammo combo for your 10/22. For me, it's the BC 25's (steel or plastic lips) and Fed bulk ammo. Good luck.
  7. Thanks all. And Glad someone said something about the Eagle 30 rounders and glad I checked back before ordering. I was about to. lol Thanks all. I'll stick with the blue and clear 10 rd plastic Ruger ones and look into the Butler Creek ones. Thanks again.
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    I like the Butler Creek 25 rounders. My old man has 3 of them. They lasted for thousands of rounds, but 2 of them ended up getting cracked. He called them up and they told him to send them back to them and they would send him 2 new ones to replace them just to keep his business! Never had a problem with feeding due to mags. We have had a few problems with it jamming, but only due to the fact he NEVER cleans out the action.:34::crackhead:
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    I have one~Sweet Belt Feed~Vary Good Quality~Pricey
    Note: you pop the Top by moving the closing Clip straight UP (no pry bending that lid clip, or you break it)
    MWG 50 Round Belt Feed Mag For RUGER 10/22
    *MWG MFG 50 ROUND RUGER 10/22 DRUM MAGAZINE 50-Round Capacity To Keep You Shooting Longer Durable, clear polymer 10/22 magazine holds fifty rounds of .22 long rifle ammunition. Steel feed lips provide years of reliable service. Rotating, coiled spring effectively feeds rounds on a rubber “belt track” system.
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    ^How well does it work overall? I've been thinking about that one. I have two Butler Creek 25rders. One has steel lips, the other plastic. The steel is certainly the best by far. I haven't shot 500rds out either yet and the plastic is starting to show signs on wearing out. It hasn't yet and I suspect it'll last me a while yet. But it won't last as long as steel. Pay the extra and buy steel. Also on the eagle mags. Generally they don't work. They won't work in my brother's .22. However one day after it was jamming his gun, I grabbed the mag, popped it in mine, and fired the rest of the mag(about 9 shots) off and didn't have any issues, so it really depends on the rifle. Butler Creek is more liable to work though. :D
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    ~MWG 50 Round Belt Feed Mag~
    ~Belt Feed Mag~Works GOOD~Loads Easy~Must be vary careful with the Cover, as to not Break the Locking Tap OFF...!!! Vary Good Color Pictures in the Manual~Good Solid Quality~Vary Compact for 50 Round Mag~The work loading is being careful with the Cover...!!!~

    ~Best 10/22 Mag on the Planet~
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    70 bucks huh?
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