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  1. taras

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    I just caught this one on the news. The average age of Canadian Armed Forces personnal sent over seas is 25.7yrs.old. The ACTUAL age of the Canadian Forces helicopters is 34 yrs. old.
    Is it just me or does any one else feel that the operator should be older than the equipment, especially when it's some-thing that can fall from the sky?
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    Look up the age of the B-52's something like 3 generations of family piolets have flown the same ones...I live near and AF base and they run a newspaper story about it now and then...
    I know when I was in the Marines..I went through counter battery radar school at Ft. Sill OK and the radar were owned Q-10 I believe was on display as a relic of Veitnam....I had to get soem vacume tubes out of the display peices and fed ex them back to Lejeune for us to use...

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    Well, the F-15 is older than me, but I'll take one of them over an F-22 any day. There's a reason some of these planes stay in service as long as they do, it's because they're good. Not all, but many. I am disgusted that they're planning to scrap the F-15s and replace them with fewer, slower F-22s. I'll keep my Garand too, thank you very much.
  4. PAPA G

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    a properly maintained aircraft will go on forever!!!! the B-52 for example. theres a C-47 that comes to town once in a while its used to haul cargo here and there. what a glorious sight and the purr of those radials is great to hear!!!:D
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    a couple of years ago, a Fokker Tri-Motor landed here at the local airport, on its last journey around the world. It had flown as an active commercial airliner from the 30's (maybe 1920's) until that time, even through WWII. The Flight Crew was one that was quite aged including Pilot, Co-Pilot, Flight Engineer, and 2 Flight Attendants (Ladies); the Flight Crew had flown together on that particular Fokker Tri-Motor for many years.

    It is an amazing aircraft, as was its double the Ford Tri-Motor of which I understand several still continue in flight service to this day. One of those Ford Tri-Motor's used to reside not too far from here, and was one of the movie stars in an "Indiana Jones" movie.
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    There are still MANY DC-3s flying too. In fact there is a company that refits them with turboprops so that they can fly for another 50 years.
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    Well If we are looking at the ages of equipment then don't we have to look at carriers as I believe some are dating back to the 40's
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    Not any more. I used to be stationed on the Midway, CV-41, but it is decommisioned now. My first ship was the USS Proteus, AS-19, which was even older, and still in service as far as I know.
  9. PAPA G

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    i believe age isn't factor. if the equipment is well made and well maintained and still mission effective. then by all means its not too old.
  10. Big Dog

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    Some of the South American countries, especially Brazil, still use tanks based on the old Stuart light tanks of the early WWII period. And Argentina used an ex-USN WWII-era cruiser in the Falklands fracas. The Brits sank it.