Aguila interceptor ammo are awsome!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by nc.hunter, May 5, 2008.

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    Hey guys, I was online looking for a some hard hitting .22 LR ammo and i think I found it. Aguila has a 40 grain copper plated hollow point bullet that gets 1470 F.P.S and 192 lbs. of muzzle energy! That is alot of power for a 22 LR. Compare it to the cci velicitors which are 40 grain bullets that move at 1435 F.P.S and have 183 lbs. of muzzle energy. That aguila stuff seems like some pretty powerful ammo. Here is a link to the ammo.

    Cabela's -- Agulia .22LR Interceptor - 40 Grain
  2. Big Dog

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    Haven't tried these, but I do like the Aguila ammo - each has a specialised use for me. :)

  3. dgray64

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    The last two boxes of Aguia (spelling) had 5-7 misfires. I even rotated the rounds and hit the rim three fire. I pulled the bullet and dumped the powder for safety. I don't buy their brand any more. Remington, Winchester and CCI are all good.

    Dave :09:
  4. I've never had problems with Aguila Ammunition... maybe a problem with that particular lot number? Have you tried a different lot number for a comparative?
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    I recall running it through the ballistics program and they are very similar to the Velocitors for down range energy. At least in my gun the Velocitors were very accurate compared especially to the Remington ultra velocity stuff - Vipers and Yellow Jacket.

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    I've had far more problems with Remington and Winchester .22LR ammo than Aguila. Last range session, I had a Winchester Expert blow it's rim in a BIG way! Drew the attention of the whole range - and it was a busy day!
    Aguilas have NEVER had a failure for me. Accuracy sometimes varies - but it ALWAYS goes bang!
    I love the little guys....

    Colibri and Super Colibri - eliminating yard pests quietly, indoor sport shooting (I'm single) and initial testing of newly installed sights.

    Super Maximums - HOT stuff! Supposed to be the fastest .22LR on the market.

    Sniper Subsonic - "SSS" - heavy 60 grain bullet in a .22Short case - Big Thumper! Death on small varmints, though distance is limited. Not all rifles will shoot it accurately.
  7. I still am a big fan of cci. Never have been into Aguila.
  8. It sounds to me that all have our favorites. Hitting power is great and wish we could all capitalize on it. BUT, not all the great ballistic performers perform the same in different firearms.
    I believe one should test these different rounds in their gun to see what is the most accurate. Hopefully, one of the new hard hitting rounds will be hard hitting and accurate. Expansion speed is important, especially in small varmints.
    Just my two cents
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    I recently tried some Aguila ammo. The match grade stuff shoots fine, but I had a misfire within 30 rounds of shooting the hyper velocity. Perhaps they had a bad batch?