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Ah.......the Kimber.....

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Got qualified to carry my Kimber Custom Royal off duty today. I'm a big big big fan of Glock....but I had forgotten just how good it felt to be cocked and locked......the accuracy, the weight of the 1911 Gov't, the power of the flying ashtray.......OK, I'm becoming aroused.....I'll stop!LOL
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I have thought about a Kimber many times and was looking at some last week. I'd have to sell my Springfield V-12 stainless if I want one though. Don't know if I'm ready to do that!!!
Joe, those Springfields are very nice guns....I'd keep it. Between that and a Kimber it's six one way or a half a dozen the other way....
Yeah, I'll just save for the Kimber, like to have both!!!
1*, i'm totally jelous. We haven't been able yet to enlighten our dept. about the virtues of the 1911. I'm lucky that I don't live where I work, so I can carry whatever I want off duty on my CCW permit, but when I travel to my work state, no such luck. I'll be continuing to work on the agency though!

get a kimber, youll be happy.

heck, if i knew someone with a NIB springfield V16 longslide, id trade them my NIB,unfired kimber TLE II for it.
The Kimbers that I have shot are as accurate and reliable, if not more, than custom guns twice the price. In my mind, they are the finest production 1911 (how 'bout rifles and SxS shotguns?) available. Beautiful to look at too. I will be proud to own one, once I can summon the courage to trade one of my beloveds.
Kimber is able to produce a product of such a higher quality than what was ever avalible before.
it would take many hours to get a "Pre Kimber era " Colt 1911a1 to have the fit the Kimber have.
they are 4(four) digits past the decimal point in their tollerances.
when you oil the slide rails you can feel the difference.
This is an incredible feat of enginerring.
The Fact that now with current technology Kimber is able to cinter parts, with strength and they maintain dimentional integrity under stress
who da thunk it?
Kimber changed the rules............
They are now a standard from which all 1911a1's are measured.

In my Humble opinion :):)
You guys know I'm all about 1911's for a carry piece, and out of all the ones I have my Kimber BP Ten II and my Custom II are the two that get hauled around the most. The Custom II I got "previously owned" but it was in great shape, shot some but not too much. It's the most accurate 1911 I've ever seen, even compared to other Custom II's I've worked on. It will literaly shoot through the same hole out of a Ransom Rest at 25 yards! The Ten II is not as accurate but it doesn't miss it by much - the advantage with it is carrying 15 rounds - 14 round Para Ord mag and one in the pipe. I love it when the "I carry a 9mm/40 - whatever - because of high cap" reply comes out during a carry piece conversation. I always casually remark "I got 15 rounds of .45 in my 1911 right now, do the new nines and fourties have 30 round mags now?" :D
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