Ailing Man Sues Fast-Food Firms

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    We all joked about this....we thought it was funny...welp its all fun and games untill someone files a calss action law suit.

    Ailing Man Sues Fast-Food Firms

    Wednesday, July 24, 2002
    By Michael Y. Park

    NEW YORK — Want a class-action lawsuit with that burger?

    A New York City lawyer has filed suit against the four big fast-food corporations, saying their fatty foods are responsible for his client’s obesity and related health problems.

    Samuel Hirsch filed his lawsuit Wednesday at a New York state court in the Bronx, alleging that McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and KFC Corporation are irresponsible and deceptive in the posting of their nutritional information, that they need to offer healthier options on their menus, and that they create a de facto addiction in their consumers, particularly the poor and children.

    "You don't need nicotine or an illegal drug to create an addiction, you're creating a craving," Hirsch said. "I think we'll find that the fast-food industry has not been totally up front with the consumers."

    The suit does not specify the amount of damages Hirsch and his client are seeking.

    Industry officials lambasted the legal action.

    "It's senseless, baseless and ridiculous," National Restaurant Association spokeswoman Katharine Kim said. "There are choices in restaurants and people can make these choices, and there's a little personal responsibility as well."

    KFC spokeswoman Amy Sherwood said her company couldn't comment on the lawsuit because it hadn't yet been served, but dismissed the idea that the fried-chicken chain ought to be held responsible for anyone's health problems.

    "Eating sensibly combined with exercise is the best solution for a healthy lifestyle," she said. "KFC offers a variety of menu offerings for those who want a more healthy choice."

    Walter Olson, a Manhattan Institute fellow specializing in legal-system issues, called the suit a blatant attempt to cash in on the recent publicity over obesity and the tobacco settlements. He also said it disregarded the idea that people are responsible for their own actions.

    "Most people are aware if eating double cheeseburgers, it's not the same as celery," he said. "We all have appetites, but people have no trouble walking down the street and buying a different kind of food. They’re not somehow forced to keep going back and keep supersizing. Overeating is a bad habit and is one of the pitfalls of human nature."

    So far, there's only a single complainant named in the suit, but Hirsch said at least two other clients would be filing soon in what he aims to make into a class-action lawsuit. All were regular fast-food consumers who suffer from ailments ranging from obesity to diabetes.

    The lead plaintiff, 56-year-old maintenance supervisor Caesar Barber, ate at fast-food restaurants four or five times a week and blames his fatty diet for his obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol and the two heart attacks he has suffered.

    "I trace it all back to the high fat, grease and salt, all back to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King – there was no fast food I didn't eat, and I ate it more often than not because I was single, it was quick and I’m not a very good cook," Barber said in an interview with

    "It was a necessity, and I think it was killing me, my doctor said it was killing me, and I don't want to die."

    Frances Winn, a 57-year-old retired nurse, said her habit of eating at fast-food restaurants at least twice a week since 1975, caused her to go from a size 6 to a size 18, and inflicted her with hypertension, high cholesterol and a hyperthyroid problem.

    Israel Bradley, 59, said his ritual of eating a pound of french fries a week gave him high blood pressure, diabetes, made him obese and forces him to walk with a cane. In 1993, he passed out and had to be rushed to the emergency room because of the medical problems caused by his diet.

    "I got addicted to it," he said.

    Winn and Bradley would both file New York state suits soon, Hirsch said.

    The aim of the legal action is to force the fast-food industry to "offer a larger variety to the consumers, including non-meat vegetarian, less grams of fat, and a reduction of size" of their meals, along with federal legislation that would require warning labels on fast food similar to those on tobacco products, Hirsch said.

    "Hopefully it will change the eating habits of the American public," he said.

    In December, then Surgeon General David Satcher declared obesity America's soon-to-be number one killer, and urged for there to be a healthier range of food available to consumers.

  2. I think that the fast food places should sue these IDIOTS for lack of self control. What is it with some people always wanting to put the blame on somebody else for their own irresposibility. So they win the lawsuit now what---more cheese burgers and fries. Let don't forget those yummy deep fried apple pies. I'll be right back--going to Jack in the Box.

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    Yepper Alan C., these people are weak and are just looking for an excuse to blame their self inflicted problems on. Food is not any more addictive than air. Bad habits are not addictions. I can break my dogs and my kids from eating bad food, I simply remove it from their control. When people file these kind of lawsuits, all consumers pay the price.

    I quit eating at fast food restaraunts some time ago. It's too easy to make my own food. All you gotta do is plan ahead. What's the matter, can't these people open a can or use a microwave? No sympathy here.
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    Heck no they can't, sh*t, they can't do anything for themselves. They are pethetic loosers, and I bet they feel like they victims - which has been the growing "fad" these days - it's cool to be a victim!

    They have no brains - no self control - no sense what so ever - We will all pay for this if it is allowed to go through.

    At least the restaurant industry is trying to include "personal responsibility" in their arguement. Maybe that will become the latest "fad" - probably not - takes too much work, and they would have to get off the couch and thats hard to do if there ain't a cheesburger within reach.
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    the only people Iv'e seen at fast food places with guns to their heads were being robbed, not made to eat there.
  6. Put a warning label on every happy meal.
  7. there's never any shortage of people just waiting to sue someone or some thing, whatever happened to working for a living??
  8. I can answer your ?


    I can answer your question in 2 words, Trial Lawyers.
  9. Shaun

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    Lets see we have money hungry snakes here sueing a FF joint because of someone's lack of self control sounds like a frivolous lawsuit to me

    Yet I am still trying to gain more info before sueing CAT
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    Did you have to eat fast food, BECAUSE you worked for CAT?
  11. Stewart

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    Just to show you can make up a lawsuit for just about anything, incredible.
  12. Wes --Shaun is gathering info for his lawsuit against his employer for wrong doings--not fast food chains. Read his previous posts.
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    Yeah alan,maybe he can just add this on to it?
  14. Chris

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    Anyone up to join me for a little lawsuit against Al Gore...I can never seem to be able to get off the internet.....

    Since he created it, and was careless about his action I think he should be held accountable....

    This is sad because these people have a chance in today's society.
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    WARINING: Consumption of this product is hazardous to your health. Eating this product may result in weight gain, clogged arteries which includes a greater risk of Heart desease. Continuous consumption of this product may become habit forming, which, again may seriously endanger your health. This product was produced with absolutely no regard to the effects on the human body. EAT AT OWN RISK!
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    Hmmn...How to Get Rich Quick Settling Out of Court ... using already established precedents that you are not responsible for the consequenes of your has become the American it or not
  17. Chris

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    Well if someone does something great, should they not thank KFC for helping them eat during those times?
  18. Logansdad

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    Why take responsiblity when you can blame someone else ?...It's becoming all too common
  19. Chris

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    Well I find that sick and gross, I think America needs to grow up and people when they do something wrong need to take the blame by looking in the mirror, or in this case the scale.
  20. Eric that warning should fit on the BIGGIE FRIES container.