Ain't America Great!?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BSchroeder, Apr 12, 2002.

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    I just got off the phone with my Mother. She works as a loan officer at a bank in Findlay, OH. This afternoon, an armed, would-be robber was stopped and apprehended by a mob of unarmed good sumaritans as he ran out of the bank.

    It's a long story, but I guess the mailman ran out of the bank as the robbery was in progress and rounded up help at a neighboring radio station; 30 or so people. Other passerbys stopped traffic on the busy street in front. The robber had his butt kicked as he ran out the back door. No injuries, save for the robber.

    Call it the flight 67 (Sept 11) effect. Tell me how many people in other societies would do something like that?

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    BSchroeder: Hurray for the good guys!

    However, I was thinking as I read your report that if anyone outside the bank had been carrying a concealed gun (with a CCW permit, of course) was in the crowd it might have been goodby robber. As a Missourian, this couldn't happen in my state with the present laws. This is another reason for CCW legislation to pass here.

    Lucky no one in the crowd got shot with him being the only one carrying the gun.


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    Im sure some Libral will go on TV saying the Robber had a bad childhood and the evil "Lynch Mob" should be arrested and sued for interfearing with his rights to express his anger at society...
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    That is a heart warming report, but remember that for each of those people, there are probably hundreds more that condone drug dealers, gangs , and prostitution in their own neighborhoods, if not in Findlay, in the nearest big city.
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    I think it's great. It should show the other punks that people are tired of being afraid all of the time, and that they will not take it anymore. However, Bob is probably right. The robber also is unable to hold a job because of some new medical/mental condition that his lawyer has thought up.