Air Security Does its job

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    I can't believe it Air security finally picked out an Anti-American Supporter and searched him at the airport

    Friday June 14, 2002; 11:02 a.m. EDT

    Traveling Al Gore Sparks Suspicion at Two Airports He may have won the popular vote in the last presidential election, but airport security screeners failed to give former Vice President Al Gore their own vote of confidence last weekend.

    Just days before a GAO investigation revealed that he and wife Tipper had "inadvertently" made off with a White House bust of Abe Lincoln last year, the almost president was pulled out of an airport check-in line for a random security search - twice in two days.

    The first Gore patdown happened last Friday as the ex-VP was about to wing his way out of Washington's Reagan National Airport for a campaign appearance in Wisconsin.

    "Sorry, sir, you have to go through extra screening," a suspicious security guard was seen ordering the almost president.

    The next day, as Gore was leaving Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport, he was hauled out of line again to be frisked and have his belongings searched.

    "My understanding is he was randomly selected both times," said Gore spokesman Jano Cabrera. "And both times he was more than happy, as all Americans are in these troubled times, to cooperate."

    But a witness disagreed on the point of Gore's "happiness" to cooperate.

    "You could tell he was thinking, 'This is not happening to me,'" fellow flyer Mark Graul told The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "He did not have a happy look on his face."

    Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Deirdre O'Sullivan told the paper that dignitaries do not merit special treatment.

    "The TSA does believe that screening at the gate is an additional level of security that acts as a deterrent to persons who wish to do harm," she added.
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    You know ol' Al buddy was steam'n, you just know he was!!

    I love it!

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    I wounder what the unemployeed NOW screeners names were...Id get them a job!!!!
  4. it's about time an anti-american got picked out for once!!!
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    They couldn't of picked a better canidate.

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    what was it they called him?

    Anybody else catch the term "the almost president" ya know that has got to stick it to Al! hehehehehehe!