Airgun roll call, With pictures.

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  1. Show pictures of those air guns you own!

    Industry brand, qb57 air rifle
    Crosman Quest 1000x
    Benjamin Sheridan 397
    Daisy Power Line 856
    Crosman Pumpmaster 760
    Crosman 1861 Shiloh, Polish training pistol, Crosman Walther ppk/s
  2. Wow, I guess nobody owns any airguns.....

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    Zephri: Sir; I have my fathers Model 392A Crosman air rifle

    Not knowing much of anything about air firearms I read and follow along with the postings that come up. Trying to learn some about them.

    Having posted before, WOW is the only adjective that comes to mind.
    Didn't have any idea.

    I did a search on the 392A across the 'web' got some but by comparison nothing, about detailed descriptions. Almost a "Mannlicher" stock.
    I haven't ever shot it but my son and nephew had it out; once.
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    Currently own 3 rifles-

    Beeman R-7


    Theoben Evo .177


    AirArms 410EB .22



  5. I just bought this one from wally world tonight, a Gamo Shadow Express 5.5mm/.22cal pellet/shot shell and only paid $148.96 at wally world. It shoots great and is very accurate if I do say so myself...
    GAMO USA - Adult precision airguns, ammunitions, accesories and optics

    I bought this one about 4 months ago. A Gamo Shadow 1000 combo, have since put a different scope as the BSA it came with was a total piece of crappolla and wouldn't hold zero. Put the Leapers 5th Generation dual illuminated reticle red/green 4X32AO which I planned on trying on something else. It holds it's zero real well and is dam clear for the money.
    GAMO USA - Adult precision airguns, ammunitions, accesories and optics

    Lastly, I also own and older Beeman Tempest air pistol that shoots great for being about I'd guess maybe 20 or so years old, if not more? lol
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  7. You should take it out and shoot it some time I'm sure it still works.
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    I have always had problems out of my BSA scope... It never held a zero. So today I bought a Simmons and it's great! I recommend Simmons to every gun owner.
  9. My old guns

    Here in the UK we are very restricted as to firearms, but air rifles are unlicenced.... (so far)...

    My 20 year old bunny buster...


    And a new toy...

  10. Daisy powerline 880, pretty darn accurate!
  11. mike63

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    Daisey 880

    Gamo 220 & Shadow 1000

    Crosman 140, 101, & Benjamin 392

    Six Crosman 1377's Top one has a 16in. barrel and stock. Bottom is a 1322,
    14in. barrel and stock

    Two Crosman AM 77's

    Crosman 2240 & Benjamin EB 22

    O.K. I admit it, I like air guns
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    i have a RWS model 34 diana, it was the gun i learned to shoot with. will have to post some pics next time i dig it out of my dads basement.
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    Daisy 822 with the barrel shortened to 14" and a dot sight.
  14. That don't look like no airgun? lol I know they make look like replicas now, but they don't have the action of the slide going back like the 2nd link you posted shows, or do they now? lmao
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    Air guns

    Got three air guns but did not take there mug .I send the pics later

    1 Gamo shadow

    Gamo hunter 440

    Gamo CFX

    Gamo works for me
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    oh but it is 100% compressed air powered. very real when i shoot slide comes back and everything
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    How's the crime rate looking? I hope some of those bans are lifted, for everyones sake. Last time I saw violent crime was skyrocketing.