Airlite rimfire revolvers ?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Logansdad, May 13, 2002.

  1. Logansdad

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    anybody out there have any experience with these little aluminum frame rimfire revolvers ? :nod: :target:
  2. Ron Y

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    I have a .22 Airlite kit gun, 8 shot that is great for a trail gun. 3 inch barrel with adjustable sights that shoots great. It does take some practice to get used to the light weight, definitely not muzzle heavy.


  3. Logansdad

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    That's the one I want....
  4. Cyclops

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    How nice are they too shoot? Are they substatially diff't than the 617? I know they'd be alot lighter, but I'm more concerned w/ its accuracy
  5. bocash3

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    317 air lite Smith 3 inch

    Hi, I hope you don't mind: I have two of the new 317's by Smith and love them. One is the shorter barrel without adj. sights. The 3 inch came set to shoot "dead on" at 15 yards, in fact, for a revolver of this weight and size, it is amazingly accurate if held firmly and squeezed slowly. I own a bunch of older "kit" guns and several model 17 and 18 .22 Smith Masterpieces. While these lighter guns may not shoot as accurately, they definitely will hold their own place in fine style.

    I hope this helps. "Bo" Cash, Morganton, NC :)
  6. boojum

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    Airlite .22 vs .22 mag

    I am looking to buy a small, light revolver for my wife to carry on her walks down the drive to the mailbox. We now have lion, wolf and moose right around where we live and yes, I know a .22 won't drop any of them in their tracks. More interested in noise and the option to place several shots in the right place if necessary.
    I trying to decide between the .22 and the .22 mag. I leaned toward the mag because I read it was as loud as a .38, which for our purposes is good but then I was told that the mag ammo is designed for rifles so it doesn't burn completely in a short barrel so the actual punch power is less than the hot loads in plain .22. LR.
    Knowing my wife, I subscribe also to the theory that a gun is worthless unless it is convenient and comfortable enough so that you will actually carry it regularly and if fact, welcome carrying it rather than debate each time.
    Anyhow.. I would love to hear any comments on the subject.
  7. ash

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    To begin with welcome to G&G.
    You would probably get a more varied response if you started your own thread with this question but for what it's worth. If you just want to make noise you can purchase a blank fireing replica pistol. Many of them use 8 or 9MM shells and are a lot louder than your average .22 and also considerably cheaper.
    If the objective is to possibly use the pistol for defense against the game you specified then I would suggest using anything smaller than a .357 mag.
    Wounding any of the animals you mentioned is a sure way to get yourself killed.
  8. dave375hh

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    A 317 S&W was my wife's choice for a carry gun. It's only nine OZ empty. After installing Crimson Trace grips on it it's 10.5 OZ. She previously had a Berretta model 21, but she started limp wristing it and it would jam nearly every shot. When I shot it, it worked fine(man did she get PO'd when I told her she was limp wristing it). I learned long ago that if she dosen't get what she wants, she won't carry it. So the 317 was the choice. The gun shoots well and accuratly for such a small package. Better 8 shots with a .22 than nothing.

    Cyclops, The 317 is a J frame, the 617 is a K frame. The 317 is much smaller, probably 40% smaller.