Airport Security - Full Body Scan (?!?!?!?)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by CrazyIvan, May 23, 2008.

  1. CrazyIvan

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  2. Big Dog

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    Heck, I'm just funky enough to figure if these idiots want to see the nether regions of my fat 51 year old Silverback body - have at it, babe! :09:
    I'd pop some 'muscle poses' til they get sick and hustle me off.....

    Serve 'em right. :scool:

  3. CrazyIvan

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    Think about this...

    With this machine, you are also able to see scars, tatoos, moles and specific things which can identify you. I am sure images are saved and catalogued.

    This is illegal search & seizure of private material. With a big scar on your chest, they then know you've had heart surgery. If you had a mole, or some other abnormal identifier on (for lack of a better term) your certain extremety, they could identify you as a possible rape offender.

    This is also an equivalent to a strip search.

    Last I looked these things require a court order to perform on members of the public when they are not in Police Custody.

    Someone needs to do something.
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  4. Midas

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    Not only is "Big Brother" watching, now he can see through your clothes
  5. I'd rather let 'em do that than have some of those creeps patting me down personally. Fortunately for me, I haven't flown since 9/11 anyway.
  6. I don't fly, or haven't in 30+ years, but I resent the intrusion on our rights.
  7. TXplt

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    Those buffoons are welcome to view my full moon anytime !

    BTW, y'all do know this is (with the exception of looking for explosives) a complete waste of effort and the proverbial "temporary security" vs. essential liberty ?

    Not even temporary security for that matter.

    And it's always been a violation of the "warrantless search" thing as well.
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  8. Could not agree more . . .

    . . . as the war on terror (or whatever you want to call it) has had more to do with attacking the privacy of American citizens than attacking
    Osama and fellow travellers who live a relatively good life in Pakistan.

    However, the searches are a boon for firms like Microsoft who are pushing group meeting software where you and the other group
    sit around tables with cameras and video screens thus eliminating the
    need for flying.

    Just do not take the transportation that offends your right to privacy.

    If millions of us do this the airlines will get the message.
  9. Brother Bob

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    I don't want them to see the tattoo on my "unit"! Yet another reason to rent a car instead of flying.:no1::bigeyes:
  10. I'll be sure to wear my lead lined clothes if I fly.:silly:
  11. Mooseman684

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    What happens if you have a Big Salami in your pants ????LOL
  12. Brother Bob

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    "Sir,"Is that a salami in your pants?" LMAO!!!!!!:09:
  13. TXplt

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    Unfortunately, I ain't got that option.........

    Unfortunately, it's a salami :(

    So much for dating the TSA chicks......:34:
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  14. smokey

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    And whats wrong with being able to identify the outlaws? For me I dont care if big brother listens to my phone calls,looks at me through my clothes,or follows me home.I aint got nothing to hide,I'm not an outlaw. In my book they'er aint no such of a thing as illeagle search,anyway to get the crooks is fine by me :09:
  15. For those that travel a lot and go through that machine, or those machines on a regular basis, wonder how many down the road will end up with some growth or cancer or who knows what? They rush all this new crap into the main stream, supposedly for our own good, and before you know it, a few years down the road, somethings being pulled because they've found it did something or caused something.

    Glad I can't afford to fly. lol
  16. toolman

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    I'm gonna have to disagree on this part. I've got in the neighborhood of 300,000 airmiles racked up in the last 5 yrs and haven't lost any degree of privacy that was worthy of allowing the "Ft. Dix Six" to slip under the radar. We've all heard about the different plots that have been stopped by surveilance, yet we continue to complain.
    I do not agree with some freak checking out my twig and berries, but the War On Terror is not about finding out what color panties Becky J. (or Bobby J.) wears, it's about gaining needed intelligence.
    FWIW, I'd prefer to take care of my family and myself instead of leaving it up to the gov't, but I understand that the scope is too large and there are too many who would rather leave their well-being in someone else's hands, so we have our current situation...

    BTW, I'm launching a line of body-temp heated "accessories" that are invisible to the current technologies so they blend perfectly with your existing anatomy. Guys, are you worried about lookin a tad "small" in front of the cute TSA hottie? No prob, just slip on my heated latex extender and you'll get a big smile, phone number, and possibly a key to her apartment (at least until you take you pants off). Ladies, have you ever wondered what it feels like to be treated like a porn star? O.K., maybe that was a bad analogy, how about Dolly Parton? With my new Super Squishies, you'll have guys bending over backwards just trying to see the sun when you come walking down the concourse.

    Remember, it's not fake if it's real latex!
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  17. TXplt

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    Toolman, unfortunately, reference some previous posts, some of these plots couldn't have "happened" anyway. Some were more figments of someone's imagination run away.

    Explosives are a big deal; weapons aren't. Let me ask you this -- just how long would it take to improvise a very effective weapon from materials onboard an aircraft (or even the stuff you can't really keep off the airplanes). There was actually an interesting article about this in a gun magazine recently about improvised weapons in the home. If you answered "not long" we have a winner. Think about how prisoners in prisons can improvise some very nasty stuff from common innocuous items pretty quickly--a hijacker-to-be would have no problem doing this; it's also probable he or she might find someone "inside" working as well. 9/11 scum used very common tools; they succeeded solely because hijackings up to that point had been crimes of profit, and compliance with hijackers demands had previously in general resulted in happy outcomes. No one fathomed that airplanes could be used as weapons. The paradigm changed, and now no one ever will be permitted in any way to gain control of an aircraft again, even up to the point of losing the aircraft. People will intervene to supress the hijacker no matter what because they know that's the only way they can survive.

    Unfortunately, all the weapons screening is simply wasted effort, wasted money, and serves only to inconvenience air travelers and raise the price of tickets. It creates a false illusion of security; it has little or no value added in fact.

    Explosives are a very different matter, but that could be handled without strip searching people. You could have people (without taking off their shoes, etc...) walk thru an area with air samples screened for explosive traces or have a slight waiting lounge as you went thru. Might have to walk a little bit, but you wouldn't even really need to search everyone; you could just prevent entry to everybody if an explosive signature were detected. Pleasant, no invasive searches, no liberty infringements; fun to travel again. Also, we would be showing our children that America is strong and we're not a police state. It makes me cringe when I travel with my kid thru an airport and we go thru all this stuff--I hope by the time he can understand what's going on we're rid of it. We're supposed to be a free people. This isn't "normal."
  18. toolman

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    TXplt, at one time, 9\11 was just someone's "imagination". That said, I don't worry about it, just as I don't worry about some yahoo listening in on my conversation about moving my hog trap, going shooting at my in-laws, or buying lingerie for my wife. I suppose if I were talking about buying an RPG launcher, yeah, I'd be worried. I'm not advocating a police state, but I'd rather see your kid go through a pat-down rather than exploded in a plane because we allowed it to happen again. Above all, I'd rather your kid saw me shoot some jerk in the head rather than see the same jerk kill you or a flight attendant with a fork or a pen.
    I agree, it's not normal, but it's our current reality.
  19. TXplt

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    Respectfully, what I'm stressing is that our "reality" in fact has little or no value added (closer to none), from a security perspective, and there is a much better way to pursue this than we're doing with lines at airports. Armed pilots, air marshals, LEO's, etc., remain a good idea; the TSA lines not at all. If we maintain this "reality" (or lack of thereof) the terrorists are certainly winning. We gladly give up our essential liberties because we're ascairt. What have we become ? This isn't what America is all about. We can't let any scary issue of the day allow us to cower and submit to anything a third party deems is "in our best interests" to "protect us."

    Unfortunately, I have first hand knowledge of this bureaucracy. Routinely when I travel, even as a crew member, due to some nuances in our scheduling I'm selected for the "secondary screening" (even though I've just landed a large jet and parked at another section of the same airport). Despite crew ID's and uniform, I'm "secondarily screened." I've made constructive suggestions as to the fact there are limited resources to screen, we need to target the actual threats, and how to improve this "process," and have been met with shruggs and the pass the buck "we don't...." and "I can't...."

    We took the worst possible approach--we created another government bureaucracy and empire. IMHO, this has done little but waste time and money.
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  20. toolman

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    Hey TXply, I think we're actually on the same page minus a slight translation flaw. I think the TSA is nothing more than pi**ing on the wheels of progress when it comes to air travel. In my travels, the only problem passengers that I've encountered showed their, ahem "traits" , well before we ever boarded the plane. I also think this has nothing at all to do with suspected terrorist surveilance.
    In my world, the 9\11 terrorists would've been shot by passengers as soon as the box cutters came out, but then again, I still think I'm a free citizen.