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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Logansdad, Apr 27, 2002.

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    I'm thinking about a model 638 (aluminum frame stainless humpback bodyguard) to put in a pocket holster. I will carry it alot. I may even carry shotshells for protection when I go fishing (poisonous snake protection). I heard j frames print patterns instead of groups. Any thoughts ?
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    I would take the Airweight 10 to 1 over the Titanium. I just got a S&W 642 Cent. Airweight after 3 years of looking over every gun show booth I could find. I really like mine and plan on using .38 +p 158gr. lead HP. My experience with the snubs has been: if you can stand a hotter load, it will print better. The +p's shoot great through the snub Airweights, and the 640-1 is a tackdriver with 110 gr. .357 mags. The SP-101 Ruger can handle 125gr. .357mags... and are somewhat controllable if you practice.
    Are you and I the only guys who like the revolver for carry and defense left? I love the S&W 686, 640-1, and the Ruger GP-100's and SP-101's.
    You get a chance to read that article on Karl Sokol yet?


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    My dad carries a Colt Trooper. My mom carries a Colt Python. I don't like Colts...I always thought they were overrated. I like the Airweight for front pocket summer carry. I haven't read the article yet.
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    Ive been carrying my model 37 as a back up on my ankle for more than 6 years now.(it replaced a ppk that was getting old and heavy) kicks a little much with the plus p's but never had an accuracy problem. We usually qualify with them out to 15 yards(sometimes 25) and Im always on target.