AK-47 or M4

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Which Range Gun / SHTF Gun would you choose?

  1. M-4

    25 vote(s)
  2. AK-47

    15 vote(s)
  3. Other

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  1. Bravo

    Bravo G&G Newbie

    Here is the question:
    I don't own either of these, and the closest that I own to any of them is an SKS.
    I am only buying 1 gun this summer.
    The gun will be for enjoyment at the range, and SHTF.
    The M4 would be of decent quality (Either S&W, Stag, or DPMS).
    The AK-47...I don't know yet.
    So, which fun gun / SHTF gun would you guys pick?
    If you have a different idea, please let me know :D
  2. squirrelblaster

    squirrelblaster G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    when the shtf only one gun will do....the ak!
    oh and im real more of an ak kinda guy all over the board not a huge fan of the black guns, although they do look like fun. give me wood and steel anyday.


    HARDERTR Guest

    I had to vote "other"....
    The AK is nice for dependability and price
    The M-4 is nice for familiarity (I do sleep with one every night) and ease of finding replacement/modification parts

    My choice is the Arma-lite AR180. I like the fact that it's much cleaner ("piston" operated rather than gas in the upper receiver). AND, you don't see nearly as many of them on the range. They also use the standard AR15/M16 mags.
  4. just_a_car

    just_a_car G&G Enthusiast


    I have shot both and cleaned both. I own an AES-10 and helped a friend build an M4A3 with Stag Arms upper and Bushy Lower, which he let me shoot 30 rounds through.

    The controllability definitely is better in the M4, due to the lighter round, which helps stay on target for shooting faster. Also, ammo is generally going to be easier to find, but at the same time, much more expensive. The biggest issue is cleaning. I helped my friend clean the M4 when we got back to his place and I could've cleaned 2-3 AK's in the time it took him to strip and clean the M4. Plus, it just looked like it would be a pain in the butt to deal with if you had a bad jam.

    The AK is much easier to strip and clean; pretty much just three steps: 1) remove dust cover 2) remove recoil spring and guide rod 3) remove bolt assembly. These are all performed with no tools and a minimum of effort. Plus all the parts are very "macro-sized" and easy to clean.

    Because you're saying you want it for "fun and SHTF", it's the AK, hands-down. The ammo is cheaper, so you can shoot more, which we all know = more fun. The accessories are as varied for the AK as they are for the M4 (heck, you can put an AR T6 stock on an AK with an adapter... when have you heard of an AK wood stock on an AR?).

    Plus, price-wise, you're going to pay about half as much for an AK-variant as you are for an AR-variant. I bought my nice AES-10 for $533 out the door and my friend picked up his for about $1000 out the door (I can't give a proper number as he also picked up a forearm rail system and rail-mounted rear sight which bumped the OTD price to $1340).
  5. I'd go with the M4. Longer range, plus in my shtf scene, it'd be nice to share ammo with fallen NATO forces.

    If you did buy an AK. Buy something decent, not a WASR.
  6. SwedeSteve

    SwedeSteve Freedom Zealot Forum Contributor

  7. Coeloptera

    Coeloptera G&G Newbie

    I've fired both (don't own either...yet), but in my admittedly somewhat limited experience I have to go with the AK.

    I like the 7.62x39mm because of the extra "oomph" in terms of energy you get. In a SHTF situation I'd find that comforting. That and I like larger calibers anyway. I'd be willing to take a slight tradeoff in accuracy for a bigger hole. Ammo's also cheap, too. Can't discount that.

    The "no tools" needed thing is also big for me. I love that.

    The legendary durability is also a plus for SHTF. What can I say? I picked up a taste for some Russian stuff from my wife. I also find it a smidgy bit more comfortable to shoulder and fire quickly.

    But HARDERTR, I did not know that about the AR180. Thanks. I'll have to try one, sometime.

    - Coeloptera
  8. Bravo

    Bravo G&G Newbie

    For those that recommend the AK-47, which specific AK would you recommend? I know some AK's can run higher in price than an M4.
  9. squirrelblaster

    squirrelblaster G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    ^yugo m70 underfolder!! costs around $500
  10. Bravo

    Bravo G&G Newbie

    M4: 8
    AK: 9

    I didn't expect the poll to be this close.

    Is there an AK variant that I should avoid all together? I've seen some Romanian AK's at a decent price. I've also seen some Yugo's with Romanian receivers. How are the quality on Romanian AK parts?
  11. rascaldog

    rascaldog G&G Addict

    Can I vote for one of each. I have a Rock River M4 and a Arsenal AK (milled receiver). I will not say that the Arsenal is the best AK out there but it is the best I have ever owned and that has been a bunch. But if it could only be one I'd say the AR.
  12. Bravo

    Bravo G&G Newbie

    Now the M4 is winning...

    For AK's, should the Romanian types be avoided?
  13. century arms arent the best, but for the price....come-on

    also, vector makes a decent ak, ive held quite a few and shot one once, it went bang, nothing spectacular
  14. Big Tool

    Big Tool G&G Newbie

    They are such different weapons. For survival i would rather have the AK, because of reliability and the 7.62x39 is a better round for taking game.

    The AR is a better range gun and is more fun to shoot due to accuracy and recoil.

    I love them both and think you should just buy both.
  15. twisterx44

    twisterx44 G&G Newbie

    I own a Rock River AR-15, and shoot my buddy's AK all the time. The AK will (almost) never jam on you. If practiced, you should be able to hit 300yd chest sized targets, if not farther. The knockdown of the 7.62X39 is also something to take into account.

    The AR-15, although imfamously less reliable, can also be trusted with your life I believe. As long as you keep it happy (ie decent ammo and cleaning after every shooting session) you won't have any problems. I clean mine, and enjoy doing so, every time I shoot, and haven't had a jam yet, and thats about 3000 rounds. I chose my AR mostly because I will likely be in law enforcement but also because mounting accessories such as optics, rails, etc, is an absolute breeze. I also like the accuracy of the .223 much more, and the ability to easily stay on target for follow up shots. The AR series is much more versatile. I would bet my life on my AR-15, and I bet anyone who owns an AK would bet they lives on theirs. Theyre both fine weapons, but they serve different purposes. I hope this helped.

    HARDERTR Guest

    I'm suprised nobody has mentioned the SAIGAs yet. They are made in 5.56, 7.62x39, 308, 410, 20 and 12 guage. I own all but the 20. The ONLY thing I don't like about them is the fact that you have to buy magazines built for the SAIGA.

    They are basically an AK, so they're just as easy to take down and clean.

    I think I got all of mine for something in the $240-$275 range. I have a scope mounted on my 308, and have taken it out on a couple of hog hunts. The 12 guage has been out on several dove hunting trips as well.
  17. You should raise the bar and get an M1A. Imported guns and cars are fine, I just don't buy them.
  18. Bravo

    Bravo G&G Newbie

    If I'm going to up the cartridge to a .308, then I'll get a Remington M700 w/ a 24" bull barrel.

    I'm still torn.

    The poll says to get the M4, yet nobody really has posted in favor of the M4.

    Posts say get the AK...

    Eventually, I will have both. For now, I can only have 1.
  19. AK I would trust it more than the AR. At the range it would be the AR. But in mud and a swamp it would have to be the AK.