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  1. I haven't been on this site in a long while, but i haven't stopped buying, selling and upgrading weapons. I just traded my Brolin Arms .45, 1911 clone(i broke my first rule of buying weapons, never settle for a weapon bc it's cheap) for an ak74 with a bunch of extra's. i took all the crap off of it now bc i think it was a little ridiculous but can anyone tell me about these. i've done a little research and from what i read it's a pretty decent round(compared to the 47) but are they pretty much the same parts? i dont like, and never have liked, the stock pistol grip on AK's. so can i just buy any old AK pistol grip and it will fit? I need to start coming around again, I miss yall. i think this is my 4th or 5th ak variant. my buddy wants to trade me straight up right now for his bullpup AK47, what do you guys think? i havent even shot the 74 yet

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    The AK 74 is a fun rifle to shoot, the 5.45X39mm is the Soviet equivalent of the 5.56 NATO round. I've never really looked at ballistics so I can't comment about that.

    They use some of the same basic parts but I'd imagine the internals are different between the two. The furniture can be swapped out so you should be able to use most any pistol grip you want.

    Personally I'd shoot it before thinking about trading it off just remember that the cheap surplus ammo is corrosive and the rifle will need to be cleaned accordingly.

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    Depending on the country of origin the differences can be a lot - Russian (Saiga 5.45) 74 variants have a different bolt carrier, piston, front trunnion and I am sure a few other that I am not thinking of at the moment.
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    standard 74s have a better muzzle brake and a slanted gas port in the barrel for greater accuracy. There are other minor design improvements that escape me at the moment, other than that it's just differences in size to accommodate the different round.
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    74's have a 90* gas port rather than the 45* port of the AK-47, it is meant to decrease fouling found in the 45* holes from shaving off the round - nothing to do with accuracy.
  6. so i have been looking around and have decided that i'm probably gonna keep the 74. if anything i'll buy a bullpup kit for it and see how i like it, i can always switch back that way. i keep hearing bad things about the trigger pull in the bullpup(which is the case with all bullpups) but i think i can probably make something if need be and modify the trigger enough to make it pretty clean. probably not but i like to think i can....thanks for everybody's help
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    The less you scar the jacket the more consistent the flight, yes?
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    Not really, the jacket is already scared from the rifling and any type of damage would only affect trajectory at long range.