Al Qaeda Reportedly Warns U.S. That Attacks Not Over

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    This was in a maimi newspaper......I dont know the validity....but were did I put that gas mask...HAY TAPCO SELLS THEM :)

    Posted on Sun, Jun. 09, 2002

    Al Qaeda Reportedly Warns U.S. That Attacks Not Over

    CAIRO - (Reuters) - A statement claiming to be from al Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman bu Ghaith has warned the United States it would face more attacks, which could involve non-conventional weapons.

    The statement was carried Sunday on a Web site,, which has in the past issued statements that claimed to be from Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda and news on Afghanistan, where the group was based.

    "We are still at the beginning of the road," Bu Ghaith said in the statement. "The Americans have not yet suffered from us what we have suffered from them."

    He said the United States had killed, directly or indirectly, thousands in Iraq, Palestinian territories, Afghanistan, Sudan, Philippines, Bosnia and Kashmir.

    "So we have the right to kill four million Americans, including one million children, displace double that figure and injure and cripple hundreds of thousands," he said.

    "We have the right to fight them by chemical and biological weapons so that they catch the fatal and unusual diseases that Muslims have caught due to their (U.S.) chemical and biological weapons," he said.

    It was not clear when the statement in Arabic was posted on the Web site, to which access is often difficult.

    The comments were made in the third of a series of articles headlined "Under the Shadow of Spears."

    Bu Ghaith, a Kuwaiti-born cleric, emerged as an al-Qaeda spokesman after the September 11 attacks on the United States. Kuwait has withdrawn his nationality.

    The United Sates accuses bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network of masterminding the attacks that killed about 3,000 people.

    In the second article earlier this month, Bu Ghaith warned the United States to get ready for another attack.

    U.S.-led coalition forces are still hunting for the remnants of Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan, after launching an offensive in October that ousted Taliban from power.
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    Kill 'em all...let God sort them out !

  3. Bring it on Diaper Heads! If you big he men weren't such good runners this thing would have been settled by now.
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    Yup, If your computer's still running in your cave and your finger is on the pulse of America, I hope one of our young Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, or Sailors caps your butt. It's not if but when.
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    So they say We've unleashed biochem weapons on them? Why don't they just look to Saddam Hussein...he gassed his own countrymen as well as the Iranians...last time I looked in the newspaper, those people were muslims too...

    We should give those hypocrites all the wrath they deserve...and maybe we'll rid the world of a few more self-righteous jerks in the process.
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    the al quida scum are brazen, and want to kill all of us, you know i was sympathetic to the arabs, just thier standard of living was poor and people suffering, and just , really suppresed, not now these pple want to destroy us and our values, and da-mn it im pissed, bring on the jihad im ready and so is america, God bless America,and the constitution for which we stand, and our armed forces in harms way, WE WILL NOT GIVE WAY for our way of life and our people, dam-n im mad, im mad as he-ll GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL OUR BOYS ON THE FRONT AGAINST TERROR
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    I fear for my children's welfare, that we cannot stop people who are willing to give their lives to take ours. These fanatics don't realize that if they push us to the limits, we will stop at nothing to eradicate every man, woman, and child of their persuasion. They will cease to exist as a race. The Russians and the Israelis will be as kittens compared to the wrath we would bring down on them.

    You just don't go sticking your fingers in an ant nest or go poking a stick at a hornet's nest. These people are just too stupid and desperate to reason with. They're messing with fire, and they're about to dump a ton of gas on the flame. A hundred years ago, no country would've wanted any part in pissing us off. The Germans, the Japanese, the Moros, the Apache, they were all tough formidable opponents. What do you suppose they thought of the US soldier? The harder they fought, the more determined we were to beat them. Our enemies feared and respected our ability. Now, they laugh at us.
  8. Are you guys getting this right know on CNN--DIRTY BOMB PLOT uncovered in USA. Al-Qaeda operative--US citizen. GET A ROPE.:mad: :mad:
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