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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by johno, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. johno

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    what do y'all think of those training tapes that cnn has been showing? the ones showing them gassing dogs?
  2. It made me sick to my stomach. I have been jumped on in the past for wanting to use limited nuclear weapons on these "people", I guess I am not so crazy after all. These individuals are not like us and sitting down to talk to them and get their true feelings is not going to solve anything. They have been a pain in the world's buttocks for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Its time for them to go. All of them.

  3. wes

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    Made me sick too. As far as I'm concerned,THEY are a virus that needs to be eliminated.
  4. Calvin

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    You gentlemen are on track. I hope these people are destroyed in a painfully slow manner. Nuclear/atomic is too fast.
  5. Lenny2

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    Who, exactly is "they"?
  6. Dont drop the nukes directly on them. Just surround them with nearby hits and let the radiation do its work.
  7. tommy

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    like maybe just a few dirty bombs
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    Lenny 2,that would be the institution of "theyness".
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    unfortunatly, these pieces of crap may get us, before we get them, i am not to concerned about the trials on dogs, we stocked ships with sheep and goats in our origanal tests of thermo nuclear devices like the test at inewetok, and in the testing grounds at mercury nevada, the atomic proving grounds, what worries me is they are carrying out tests of lethality, thats a prelude to actual use
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    i agree with 7mmmag. we have done our fair share of testing on animals. just our gummint does abetter job of hiding their videos!!!:nod:
  11. THEY-- Let me take a wild stab at they-- Radical Islam Extremeists.
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  13. Lenny2

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    I would like to include many other extremists in there: Koresh, Rudolph, McVeigh...We have people just as dangerous as the Islam Extremists in our own backyard. Most of which are Christian Extremists.
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    So,Lenny,included in your list would also be Jefferson,Washington,Adams,Franklin,etc?
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    I can see this thread is headed toward a meltdown... :(

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    hey lenny2 are you a Christain or a atheist just wondering from your coments it would lead me to thank that you do not belive there is a God.
  17. Lenny you are going off on a tangent. We were talking about al-queda. I am not a Christian extremeist. MarkII 22 you would be wise not to go there.
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    Yeh alan c I thank you might be right I was just wondering Lenny for get that I posted that if you want to.
  19. He didn't forget he will answer in due time. Mark check into Judaism--that might answer some of your questions.