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    I son't speak for anyone but myself in this post. I see quite a few posts about religion in the last day or two. OI am not going to argue with you about religion. I just don;t see why all this has to go on so many posts. You did post some things that are great reading and thinking material, but it could be handled in one or two posts.
    I am not trying to censor you in any way, just voicing my opinion about your posts.

    I, like many others here, are concerned about you because of this rash of religious posts.

    A lot of people here really do care about you. If you have something specific to talk about, let us know. There are a lot of good listeners and a few good advice givers here.

    I am not really into prayer, but I'm into hope. I'll hope for you.


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Why would you be concerned about someone feeling religious? I'd worry more about people who don't feel any religion. I believe alan might have had a reflective moment and has seen what he has and deeply appreciates it. alan can post anywhere he pleases at any time as far as I'm concerned.:right:

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    It caught my attention but didn't bother me in the least bit. I just figured Alan experienced some sort of epiphany or something like that.
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    Alan is just trying to save my no good soul.

    Keep trying brother, just don't break a sweat on my account.
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    I knew you would chime in. And I knew how you would chime in. My post had two main points:
    1. Concern for alan. This type of posting is unlike him and I am not the only one who sees concern by his recent posting.
    2. I don't like all the posting that looks like evangelism. It makes me want to argue. and I have a nice place here now (at least in my own mind) and don't want to get feathers ruffled again. He could have made his point in one or two posts.
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    Opinions are opinions and thought are still thoughts. Bottomline, let's just respect each others style of expressing oneself, this will do us more good---I believe. :)

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    I find it a refreshing change from the usual bulldust that goes on here, ha. if you don't like it don't read it.
  8. Thanks guys. And Lenny it's cool. I am fine guys I was looking through a couple of my books Stories for the Heart and thought you all would like some of the stuff. There are some great stories -- just too long to post. I could have put all the posts on one thread, but I didn't want to. If it hadn't been raining both days I would have been outside doing yardwork instead of on the keyboard boring you guys. :nod:
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  9. Alan, it's good to hear everything is OK.

    Like Lenny, I read some and began to wonder if there was a recent crisis in your life or a life's hurdle that was giving you some distress.

    Sometimes we signal and not realize we signal. Sometimes we see when no on else realizes.

    I'm glad.....very glad....that Lenny and I were wrong and your're fine, bro!
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    Been rainy in San Antonio also Alan.
  11. NRAJOE

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    stay in your good place Lenny... don't listen to the voices in your head!:D
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    Just about the time I want to reach into cyberspace and grab you neck, you make a crack that I can't help but laugh at. Hats off to you!
  13. NRAJOE

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    No sweat Lenny! :D ;)
  14. Shaun

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    I think I will avaoid this one
  15. Lenny and the rest. Don't you guys ever sit back and reflect upon all the blessings that we have received and the hardships that made us stronger? Every once in a while I have to humble myself and thank God for the blessings and hardships.
  16. Alan,

    I'm sure we all reflect now and then...I know I do. Just like my post about jury duty and the freedom associated with it.

    We were genuinely concerned for you. Sometimes we all say something that might perk the ears of those in ear shot.

    I'm just glad that there was nothing bothering you....other than the want to ponder.

    ^5 guy.
  17. Dale you are a good man. Thank you.