Alaska Economic Development.

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    Last week I received a pamphlet in the mail, seems the politicans are gearing up again for another go-around, this one was from our local representitives, wanting ideas on developing the Alaskan economy.
    Keep as much money in the state as possible was my two cents.
    What is interesting, as related by a friend that he whitnessed first hand when a Princess tours bus broke down on the edge of a small town, the buss driver wouldent allow any the passengers to use the gas station restroom or venture over to a small diner near by the road, he was scared for his job because the standing order is never to let tourist's loose to spend there dollars outside the Princess clutches, seems Princess bought a good size lodge at Denali (how is that possible?) they pay a useage fee, they bring in canned trips, keeping the tourists under pretty tight supervision(captive tourism)is a mild way of putting it, any money they spend on the trip isn't leaching into the local economy its all funneled back to the Princess cruise line company. Tourists are not allowed outside access to whats Alaskan, just what Princess offers, you sleep in there lodgings, travel on ther buses, eat ther food, buy only there suvioners if it dosnt come from the Princess supply chain its off menu.
    This is just one of many ways money is slipping away from Alaska, Kinda frosts me how a big business can come in and take over crowding out the small guy. Kinda like Walmart of the tourist trade.
    Control where the money goes, some should stay here dont ya think?
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    I think you are right. The tourists should be able to spend their money as they please.

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    The other shoe drops

    I know a guy that works the Alaska Millwrights union, A few the Alaskan unionists have to work 2-3 and 4 jobs a year some out of state to keep going, the north slope oil fields are mainly dominated by non union companies that have for the majority of there crews man'd with non-resident full time workers, ther money goes back to where ever they come from.
    How would you feel if a nice jucey job opens up in your township and your shut out, they fill ranks with low salery workers from outside your state??
    The company makes money that feeds the out of state company (no Alaska economy stimulation there) there non-resident workers funnel out the wages to feed the other states economies (again Alaska is not stimulated)
    the few workers that work the fields are urban Alaskan's and a even smaller percentage are from Rural areas or Native so if you think all that oil field money is trickling down to main street bush Alaska, it aint happening You wAnt to know who has helped allot of bush Alaskan's?
    They get 100gallon fuel voucher for heating oil from Venizulean president Chavez and Citgo.
    BP, Phillips havent done as much as this.
    In a state that produces energy for the last what 30 year's youd think gasoline wouldent be rationed at 15gal in Kobuk,Alaska for $8.50/gal.
    The show Most Deadliest Catch, ever notice all the Alaskan Boats and crews??
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  4. Mmmm,

    I can really sympathize with you.

    The Texas Panhandle is saturated with Walmarts.

    So many Texas Panhandle businesses are owned out of state or even out of country I sometimes wonder how we still have towns.

    I have heard stories that may be closer to the truth than we want to think that if you take I-40 from one end of Amarillo to the other you cannot sleep, eat, or even fill a diesel truck from a locally owned business.

    This population count has already revealed twenty six counties in the Texas Panhandle as losing population.
  5. I still say that Alaska should kick out these big oil componys and start drilling and refining our own oil right here in Alaska. Keep the money here and tell these big oil componys to put it nicely "get out" ( I have other words but i cant use them here lol.) of our state.
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    I am one of the most outspoken.
    And Anti Princess Tours people in the state.

    They USED to stop at my business.
    But since they built lodges, ALL over the state.

    They figured they could put a 5 minute time limit.
    For the driver, to stop and 50 Q-tips (old farts) get off the bus.
    The lined up for the double out house, and use 10 rolls of T.P..
    Which gave them NO time, to come into my business.
    I talked to the driver, he said it was there new policy.

    The bus did it twice more.
    And I handed the bus driver, a invoice for $125.00.
    For "renting" my restrooms.
    He was shocked!
    I told him to submit it.

    The following day, I called the bosses office.
    And left a nice sweet message.
    Waited two days, no reply.
    Then called every hour the next day.
    Still no reply.
    The fourth day, a Princess van pulled up.
    And the boss, got out, in a fancy set of clothes.
    He was some young yuppy, from the west coast.

    Tried acting like he was my best friend.
    And was a smooth talker.
    Till I asked him, if he brought my check.
    He said we needed to "talk" about it.
    I said No problem, after you PAY it.
    He was steamed, but paid it with a C/C..

    I informed him, that if the buses stopped.
    And did not stay for a min of 30 min.
    He would be getting a invoice for $150.00.
    For each bus that stopped, which is $3.00 per passenger.
    OR, he could let them stay for the full 30 mins.
    OR, he could find a road side pull out, with a bunch of bushes.

    He was shocked, and pizzed off.
    Because I didn't roll over for him.
    I had him sign a 30 min. agreement.
    Which gave them time, to buy ice-cream, coffee, soda etc..
    Which lasted that season.

    The next year, guess what.
    They had new buses, with bathrooms!

    I don't care about loosing the business.
    Because the bus, would block others from stopping in.

    The way they work, is simple.
    They get off there ships, load in the buses.
    Go to there hotels, restaurants, gift shops.
    The following day load up again.
    And do the same thing in another part of the state.
    Till the 5 day tour, is over.
    Then load up on the ships, and leave the state.
    They are a foreign owned company.

    A friend of mine.
    Has a contract with them.
    Which means that they WILL promote his business.
    And allow, their passengers, to use his river boat services.
    BUT, they get 20% of each ticket purchased. (Princess)
    And he can not have.
    Any non Princess passengers the trip.
    So if he only has 4 Princess passengers.
    He can not take 11 other passengers on a 3 hour trip!
    Which means he is LOOSING $.

    At least WalMart doesn't kidnap you!
    They hire local folks.
    And they give you, your $ worth.
  7. Rex in OTZ

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    Coin operated toilets?? or 'Im not on the menu'.

    The problem with Walmart is everyone loves something for nothing...even me, the problem is the price we pay for cheap durable products is our industrial base has moved on to a cheaper operating environment Mexico in our hemisphere, When we go to walmart we are supporting overseas business in the process killing our own, the middle man gets filthy rich(WALMART) we all are kind of like Junkie's that keep on taking junk knowing its killing them, in the junkies case its for the high in our case the low low prices.
    Walmart is bad.... let me repeat that. WALMART is a Evil soulless business killing off other american small businesses & forceing manufactureing to move or die! They have sold there soul to the devil to make money shearing the american sheep.
    Like a drug dealer hocking smak to junkies in his own neighborhood to his neighbors and family.
    I know its slightly gratifying to temporarly get the upper hand but we have to win the war not the battle against corprate steam rollering business like Princess running rampent in our fair state, With no organization to buffet sunsavery paracitic business likes Princess Tours, kinda remind's me of a bunch of sea gulls moveing in and takeing over crapping all over the place makeing a big ole mess of things then leave for the winter.
    I'd say add more toilets and put a coin operated tissue dispencer in every last mother loving one them.
    The toilets are for loyal paying customers who get a free pass.
    I'll bet if you and 100 of your friends hit up Princess toilets every day useing up hundreds of dollars of Princess purchased TP they'd be a little tepid.
    If we are to survive we have to be like a ensnareing money grubbing cockle burr patch they land in, Since were not organized and view'd as a bunch of back wooks hicks (no respect) that we are on the Menu be exploited by Bigbusiness.
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  8. Rex in OTZ

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    Letting them in

    The percentage off set of Big Business return to the Alaskan economy has been abysmal.
    We have a vast wealth for a state but as alaskans, we might as well be Walmart door greeters greeting big businesses into our state. All the while makeing minimum wage on welfare wondering how we are gonna pay the bills.

    From what I was told by the 2010 Census taker, Its the 21'st centry like that ment something somewhere back east.
    We still have very basic health care if you call medivac basic services, some our bush villages have 30% the residents still off the grid inside the city limits, no running water, raw sewage stored in 55gallon drums in our front yard's by the road.
    Open pit sewage lagoons on the outer edge of town because to build a road across tundra costs millions of dollars per mile when finished.
    questonable water purity, allot drink Pop or coffee.
    over crowding, jobless rates through the roof with no prospects anytime soon. how can you bid a job cheaper than a plane full of mexican sheet rockers flown in cheaply to work a local school construction job man'd by 70% non-resident labor?
    We locals hardly even got a sniff that one.
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  9. Rex in OTZ

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    No visiters to downtown Fairbanks

    On the KTVA 11 news site......Princess Cruises to Stop Bringing Visiters to Downtown Fairbanks.
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    Rex- I would think that Manillaq would not sit still for this mess. Not so ??
  11. Alaska and the Texas Panhandle may share a problem

    Yes, we are far apart geographically but we share a common problem and that is the rising price of gasoline and diesel.

    As I mentioned earlier in this thread twenty six counties in the Texas Panhandle are losing population. Farming is becoming ever more marginal in an area that can only function with irrigation yet has a lowering water table.

    We are expected some pretty big financial hits in the Texas Panhandle as spring progresses toward the harvesting of winter wheat.

    I know the price of fuel is hurting a lot of Alaskans.
  12. SwedeSteve

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    Not as much as the price of produce !! Our soil is plenty fertile, but its makeup and the, seasons lends to producing a relatively few products. I live in Los Anchorage, so I can get just about anything in season. But our prices are up about 30-35% from a year ago. I am getting to the cutoff point where fresh veggies and fruits of ANY variety are going to be priced out of my reach !! I can only guess as to what my compadres are paying. Rex in OTC should chime in for the remote Bush. Grizz and Moose and more make a run this way seasonally, but pay WAY more locally, and they are growing their own I believe. I quit growing veggies 3 years ago as I spent more on soil amendments and water, than what they cost in the store. No longer true !!
    I am going to DOUBLE my garden space come Spring. And my neighbor will do likewise.
    We will discuss this in the upcoming months and spread the wealth. Both growing veggies that do well here, but both growing different things. A barter system pure and simple. And we will offer any extras, at price, to the neighbors. I only wish I could get one more neighbor motivated to join in.
    I suggest you all do the same where you can and fence as appropriate. Its only going to get worse. Then learn what freezes well and then learn to can if you have not already !!
    Your local AG extension will be helpful with that as well as Univ Extensions. And don't forget good old Grandma, if you're lucky to still have one around !! Or just Google it !!
  13. Rex in OTZ

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    Maniilaq is non profit.

    Maniilaq Association, operates mainly medical services in my area, they provide the Medevack to Anchorage
    NANA Regional Corporation would be the ones interested as they actually issed a dividend as well as KIC our local village corp whick also issues a dividend so both being profit orientated would like to profit from econonmic developement as well as the Northwest Arctic Bourough
    to get developmental dollars here, so far there main focus has been sustainable energy.
  14. Rex in OTZ

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    Possible Development to the east of Me.

    Ambler Mining District Access
    They found some good Copper & Gold Deposits up by Ambler, good enough to mine, problem is NO ROADS.
    The Cheapist alternative so far is a road in From Bettles AK (440Million).

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    This week ARPN radio news spot Long tern effects on Fisheries

    The Alaska Economic News report is a daily news spot they report on Alaska's economic issues, this particular one was Acidification of Alaskan water's and its effects on our fisheries
    New Buoy Network Could Help Determine Long-Term Impacts of Ocean Acidification

    New Buoy Network Could Help Determine Long-Term Impacts of Ocean Acidification |

    Ocean Acidification APRN Audio Report

    Alaska Fisheries Report | APRN « JuneauTek

    (Mathis says the possible effects of ocean acidification are not just speculative. He points to the oyster hatcheries along the coast of Washington and Oregon in 2009. The industry was worth about $85 million to the region’s annual economy when the oysters began to fail. Initially, breeders thought the problem was a lethal bacterial strain, but they eventually learned they were circulating acidic water through their facilities.)
  16. Rex in OTZ

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    Holland America Cuts Eagle Tour Route

    Its total crap that a company(Holland America) can head off potential tourists and then impact a town (Eagle) like that, Its a sorry state of affairs when a outside business venture comes in state (Alaska) and starts throwing its weight around, cause and effect, in this case it dont bode well for Eagle.

    Tour Packages seem to hold the tourist(client) as a kind of hostage the whole time they are here (Alaska).

    Holland America Cuts Eagle Tour Route
    Eagle is facing a bleak tourism future. Holland America has decided to eliminate the historic Yukon River community at the end of the Taylor Highway from its summer tour route. For over 20 years the tour company brought in excess of 200 tourists a day through Eagle, generating substantial income for the remote community, that otherwise doesn’t see much traffic. Spring flooding in 2009, followed by Taylor Highway slides and washouts the next year, kept Holland. America out. The company delayed returning last year, and spokesman Erik Elvejord says they’ve decided to permanently cut Eagle from their Alaska and Yukon tours.
    Eagle residents got news of Holland America’s pull out last week, just as the Taylor Highway opened for the summer, a year after nearly $20 million in repairs. Eagle historical society and museum director Donna Westphal says Holland America’s move is a major hit.
    Westphal says the non-profit museum organization is running about 25 to 30 thousand dollars under budget, has cut four staff positions, and she’s worried about losing her job. The lack of tourists has also eliminated summer tour guide jobs for Eagle teens, and business for a group of locals who sell arts and crafts in downtown Eagle. Another familiar part of Holland America’s presence in Eagle is also missing. The luxury catamaran tour boat, the Yukon Queen, which used to make daily runs between Eagle and Dawson, will remain dry docked in Dawson until the company decides what to do with it. The Eagle Historical society and Museum board met this week to talk about ways of spurring new tourism.