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Alaska hunting seasons vary greatly from hunting seasons and game found in the lower 48 states.
Alaska Muskox Seasons

General Season Closed season
Alaska Caribou Seasons

General Season Aug. 1-Mar. 15**

Alaska Deer Seasons

General Season Aug. 1-Dec. 31**

Alaska Moose Seasons

General Season Sept. 1-Nov. 30**

Alaska Small Game Seasons

Grouse Aug. 1-May 15**
Ptarmigan Aug. 1-May 15**
Hare Sept. 1-Apr. 30**
Crow Sept. 1-Nov. 17**
Pika Open season
Snowy Owl Sept. 1-Apr. 1
Pheasant Open season
Chuckar Open season
Quail Open season
Wild Turkey Open season
Partridge Open season
Squirrel Open season
Feral Ferrets and Swine Open season
**Season dates vary by zone

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This would be the non subsistence schedule, RIGHT????;)
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Snowy Owl? Who the he!! wants to shoot a snowy owl.

Didn't know they had pheasants, tho. That's cool.
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