ALBANIAN Range Results

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    26 Albanian surplus rounds fired at 50 yards; 7 3-round groups, 1 5-round group.

    Rifle: Well worn, modified M1891/30, 24" barrel, iron sights.

    No misfires; no case failures; one feed problem (outright JAM, due to a poorly sized/crimped case neck). I had to provide a couple of healthy slaps to the bolt handle to open the breech and remove the cartridge; however, the rifle chamber had effectively "resized" the brass neck, so I rechambered the round and fired it without any problems.

    Accuracy: Poor. Measured groups were between 3 and 4 inches (at 50 yards...). The same rifle under the same conditions fires 1.25" 3-round groups with WOLF 148 grain, which is probably about the best that the rifle can do considering the condition of the barrel and worn throat.

    As a note, however, rounds 1 and 2 of each group tended to strike within 1.5" of each other and were normally near the intended zero of 1 inch above dead center of the bull. Round 3 was typically "slung" a good 3 inches off to the side. The 5-round group was disturbing. Rounds 1, 2, and 3 behaved as before, but round 4 was slung back off to the opposite side of the group (creating my worst group), and round 5......well, I couldn't find it. Perhaps it pegged an existing hole (as I was marking the target and not pasting), but I feel that it is more likely that it cleared the 25-yd pistol target that I was using....I can certainly claim to have pulled my share of rounds, but that one felt fine when it left the rifle.

    It might be that this Albanian ammo would fare better in a full size, good condition M1891/30, but my plunker didn't shoot it well at all. It likes to shoot the stuff, but the consistency as the barrel heats up is unacceptable.