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The Albanian SKS's are EXTREMELY rare. I purchased one recently and have to say that they are not even in the same league with the SOVIET SKS's or for that matter, even some of the better CHINESE SKS's. Their unique look and the fact that they are so rare (I heard 7,500 manufactured from a very reliable source), make them a sound buy for a collector. A year from now... 'forget about it'... as far as the Albanians SKS's go.

If I were looking a shooter, I would go for a Soviet, Romanian, or one of the better Chinese SKS's. I personally think the Yugo's are too heavy and lack parts exchange with other SKS's, (also lacking a chrome lined barrel), aside from that, it is simply a personal preference, I know many who love the Yugo SKS.

My advice is to save the Albanian... put it away, buy one of the other fine SKS's to shoot.


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