Alexandra Lains, in less than 1 minute, explains why people are voting for Trump

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Cyrano, Oct 21, 2020.

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    New York
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  2. And I hope and Pray that this is enough for Trump to Win this election and keep / regain a majority in the Senate and House for this Nation's Sake!
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    Yep, she is dead-nuts on point. We real Americans find this whole "wokeness" nonsense reprehensible, dusgusting and highly detrimental to our nation. These animals can only do what they do in America, the free-est of nations. If they did this in one of those socialist hastions like Cuba, China, North Korea, etc....... they'd be run down by tanks, they'd be imprisoned, then shot, hung or simply "disappeared". And they want to "fundamentally change" our nation into one of those Hells!? Total idiots.
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    It's spot on. Like I said before. It doesn't take long--when someone is doing the right things and is the guy paying the bills--for him to to get disenchanted with those who take the money thinking they are entitled to it and then turn around and tell him what a d!ck he is. Pretty soon you recognize those types for being the miscreants they are; telling them to F-off and having nothing to do with them.

    None of us have done anything wrong and most of us have done just about everything right. We are tolerant, kind, and generous (racially speaking, America is the most tolerant nation on the planet). Yet these whiny peckerwoods would always want MORE and for US to compromise OUR integrity. Rather than being grateful for what they have and for all the good things good Americans have done for them.
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    I heard it Yesterday on the radio and loved it.
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    Short, sweet, common sense and to the point. I wish I had a couple thousand vehicles riding through the country playing this out loud on a loudspeaker.
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    This Presidential election will decide the Nations future. If the far left wins America will join China as a Commonest holding.
    The American Patriots maybe called to action. The last time was July 1776.:usa2:
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    As John Wayne said- "I don't vote Democrat because I don't believe in socialism."
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    Works for me.
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    I would adopt her.
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    Here she is addressing the the wack-a-doodle lefties who do not know what the term "coyote" means in the illegal immigration debate...

    And here's the 1st video about her calling out the lefty Trump haters without all of the ad content and popup clutter on that WND page or Limbaugh's page.
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