All American Week

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    This week is All American Week here at Ft Bragg. Veterans of all Airborne units in peacetime and war come here to walk through the 82nd Abn museum on FT Bragg and the Airborne and Special Forces museum in downtown Fayetteville. Watch the 82nd Abn Pass in review and participate in the veterans parade on Pike feild. Visit and chat with old comrades and pay their respects to the friends that dident come home. This is great chance to chat with the men who helped form the path of history as we know it and fight for liberty.
    It is a pleasure to chat with these gentlemen and hear their tales, and an honor to serve and follow in their footsteps.
    I envite everyone to come next year and enjoy the military history and have a chat with the hero's of liberty and hear these tales yourself and see the pride in these mens eyes and say THANK YOU, before they loose their battle with time
  2. Colin--

    Was in Bragg in '88-89. I was a parachute rigger in the 82nd. I have not been back since. Just remember to read the log that is attatched to your chute to see who packed it, one day mine said Mickey Mouse as I already was sitting in a C141 about ten minutes from our drop zone. Talk about screwing around with sombodys head. I had to jump with it and nothing happend of course, but when your 19 you get freaked out.

    Death From Above-- Airborne All The Way!!!

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    My father in law was in the 508 PIR in WWII. Normandy, Market Garden and Bulge. I get to go to Wash. state in 2 weeks to see him and get more stories. Along with my long term interest in WWII, he is one reason why I now own a Garand, a Carbine and have an '03 on the way. I'd love to go next year.
  4. Colin--

    How was A.A. week?

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    Another great week. And once again the weather was perfect and not too hot. Dident get a chance to watch the review, had other duties I had to attend to. But enjoyed talking to the Vets as they toured around FT Bragg and were in the PX'es and clothing and sales. You can see how much this means to them and how much they enjoy themselfs. Its great.