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Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by scott_n06, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. scott_n06

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    Im sure there are a million of these threads but anyway. If you needed one caliber to take everything smaller than a whitetail what would you choose? Im talking animals from groundhogs to coyotes and not just blow them away?


  2. 338RUM

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    Smaller than a Whitetail... 22-250

  3. texnmidwest

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    I would say one of these three...223, 22-250 or my first choice 243. 243 will give you the option of shooting light bullets for ground hogs and heavier ones for coyotes at distance. It is also a good deer cartridge with proper bullets.
  4. 6mm Remington.....or if you don't wanna shoot anything heavier than 85 gr bullets 244 Remington..... The difference between the 2 is the Twist rate, if you're old enough to remember.
  5. 330olds

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    I use my 257 roberts for what you are wanting to do.V-max bullets for groundhogs and yotes and heavier bullets for deer.
  6. texnmidwest

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    Good choice actually. 6mm are easier to find factory loads for now. The old 244 was better round than a lot of people think!
  7. scott_n06

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    I like both the 243 and the 22-250 those were the two I was thinking before I posted this.
  8. roverboy

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    For stuff smaller than deer, I would get a .220 Swift or .22-250. And this is coming from a .223 shooter. I've shot the .223 long enough to see I could use something flatter.
  9. sell33

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    22-250 is what I chose for the same application. Unfortunately haven't gotten much field time with it yet.
  10. 45/70 baby! jk lol, even though I hate the idea of using a .22 cal for deer if it HAD to be a well rounded rifle I would say the 22-250 or a .243. But to tell ya the truth I havnt shot either so Im more or less guessing from what I have heard.
  11. samuel

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    My advice,correct your POI.I am only going by memory but as I recall a 55gr from a .223rem at 3250fps sighted in at 300yds dead zero is never over about 4.5" high at 200yds and about 8-10"low at 400yds,quite similar to .22-250 trajectory sighted in dz at 200yds.This is using the same weight/type bullet in both.Actually,I use the .223rem and 62 gr bullets (or there abouts) out to 600yds because the faster twist (1:9")will give me accuracy with a little heavier bullet than I can even begin to get with the slow twist (1:14) standard in the .22-250.Play with your figures a little then try some.You can never equal the .22-250 with the .223,but you can give the .223 more life.(I wish they would start putting faster twist in the .22-250/.220swift.Don't they think we know anything? ,,,sam.
  12. E.R. Shaw will put a 22-250 or a 220 Swift together for ya with a 1 in 9 inch twist, check this out......, showing the available twist and barrels, And this one telling you about the rifles..........E.R. Shaw Mark VII. They are built on Savage actions and have Boyds stocks on them.
  13. Rex_Lee

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    The .243 is a great choice, but a .223 might not be a bad choice either due to the availability of ammo. Hate the .223 for deer, though. So if deer hunting might ever be an option I would go .243 or like some other people have said, .22-250
  14. scott_n06

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    I wouldn't hunt deer with anything smaller than a 243 a 22cal bullet needs good placement to take down a deer and I just don't want to take a chance at an unethical shot. It sounds like the 22-250 pretty much takes the cake so far.
  15. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    Oh no! Here we go again! It is cruel to make a one shot no run kill with a .223rem but perfectly ok to pump 5 rds of .300winmag or 12ga shotgun slugs into one to stop it.I personally have killed several deer with .22centerfires and (I believe) 8 with that cruel .223rem that can penetrate a 1/4"steel plate at 200yds with a 55gr (or even 40grvmax) but acclaimed too weak to kill a deer at ranges usually well under 200yds in the hands of a rifleman that knows how to shoot.(or even a child with good fatherly instructions).NOW THEM IS SOME TOUGH OL' DEER Y'ALL HAS THERE FELLAS. ,,,sam.
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  16. 338RUM

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    I don't understand some people that are more than happy to shoot a deer with a 243 caliber rifle but not a caliber aprox. .020 smaller in diameter... I ain't startin a caliber war but to me it seems like a 243 Win shooting 100 gr pills seems awfully close to a 223 WSSM or 220 Swift shooting 75 gr pills... the 243 places the bullet at 3000 fps where the 2 mentioned high power .22's place there's at 3500 fps... I agree about the power of the 223 Rem only because I have more powerful rifles, but don't discredit the high power .22's
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  17. Para Cassatt

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    One variable to consider is the volume of the shooting you expect to encounter while hunting. When in doubt, go with a mid-size cartridge like the 223. I mostly use my 243 for coyotes and feral dogs but I don't have a need for high rate of fire varmint gun like a prairie dog hunter would.
  18. franchi

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    25-06 seems good to me. or a 12ga, slugger barrel for deer and a smooth bore for every thing else
  19. Rex_Lee

    Rex_Lee G&G Regular

    Guys all I can speak from is my own personal experience. I served in the Army, and I qualified expert at the range, I was also on the competition shooting team in ROTC. No big deal, I know, I only mention this so you understand that I can hit what I am shooting at.

    I have taken many deer over the years with guns as small as .22 wmr (yea in my younger days I wasn't too particular). Every SINGLE deer I shot with a .223, KILL ZONE hits, either got up and stumbled around, ran off or flopped around alive for minutes afterward. I don't know why the .223 is so crappy on deer. I really don't. I could care less about a few thousandths of an inch. But it is crappy. The savage 110E I had in .243 dropped them like they were pole-axed. Every time. I never had a single one run off. I have nothing against the .223 per se, but after seeing first hand it's poor performance on deer I am not particularly a big fan. That was my personal experience with those calibers, and it's all I can offer.
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  20. 338RUM

    338RUM G&G Evangelist

    Rex, it seems your bad experience with the 223 is an issue with your bullet not doing it's job, I use the 75 gr Sirocco II (not in a 223) bullet and have witnessed a few deer fall to the round (just started using it for crop damage) and they all drop in there tracks... now those bullets are doing well over 3400 fps in my rifle (223 WSSM) as opposed to 2600 or so with a 223 Rem. MY personal opinion is that the .224 bore is fine for deer it is the cartridge/bullet that people should blame
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