All Time Favorite Burger Recipe

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    Here you guys go !! From my all-time favorite Guacamole/Salsa Burger, to your hit parade recipe !! Post it here !! We need ingredients (beef or what), amounts, cooking methods, and what charcoal you use !! Cooking temps, time on charcoal, time of indirect cooking, % of fat you use, grind combos, tips, etc are welcome as well !! Come on !! This could end up as a Gun and Game all-time burger AWARD !!
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  2. man, you take it to a whole new lvl lol, I just make the burgers and eat em lol never payed attaintion to how much of what I put in...i will wing it

    about 5lbs of lean hamburger
    roughly3/4 to 1 cup of worctershire sause
    half a cup of regular yellow musterd
    2 tbls or Garlic salt
    4-5 tbl spoons of Montreal steak seasening
    possibly 1-3 tbl spoons of liquid smoke if you desire

    I like my burgers nice and thick, a real mans burger not a thin little pressy micky D burgers. One of my burgers is equill to almost 3 pattys of almost any fast food joint, and even bigger compared to some.

    Take your grill and and add 20-30 Kingsford Mesquite Charcole brickets and get to burning good and hot. Then just before you add the burgers pick up some Alder Chunks or chips (mesquite works very good too up to you) and throw them on the hot coals RIGHT before you put on the burgers so you get a good smoke going on.

    At this time close off all your smoke vents if you have more than one to make sure your smoke isnt pooring out, you want it to linger for added flavor.

    At this point plop on your burgers, try not to get them directly over the hot coals if possible unless you like a little char ( I do :D ) but watch them carefully. Cook time may very with some burgers because of where they are placed. Make sure they are cooked all the way through but try to keep from letting them get dry.

    After they are cooked place on slices of your favorite cheese and then close grill again and let them sit till cheese is melted. Then Take off the grill.

    At this point I like to put on mayonaise on the bottem bun and then place the burger on, then lettace onions nd a few slices of pickle. Then on the top bun I like to put a good thick layer of guacamole and on top of the lettace and onions a squirt of ketcup and musterd.

    WHen done the burger should be almost impossible to get your mouth on because of its MANLY size :p

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    I'll have the Double-Double, animal style, fries and a chocolate shake at In-and-Out, thank you very much.

    Oh... if I have to make one, 85-15 ground beef, seasoned with Tastefully Simple's Everyday Grilling Spice mixed in. An appropriate amount of time on the gas grill. Standard sesame bun, toasted, with iceburg lettuce, mayo, ketchup and a thin slice of onion with some sweet pickles on the side. Simple but tasty.

    I grew up with ketchup on burgers, but my wife grew up elsewhere with mustard and it's taken 40 years but she's starting to convert me. They are tasty that way too.
  4. 9mmXDm

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    Favorite BEEF Burger:

    - Ground Beef ( 85/15 or 80/20 )
    - Chopped/Minced Onions
    - Cayenne Pepper
    - Smoked or Sweet Paprika
    - Salt/Black Pepper
    - Garlic Powder

    In a bowl mix the Ground Beef with all the seasonings. Chop the onions and or mince them. Now you can either sautee them before and let them cool and put them in the beef seasoning mixture or you can put them in the beef seasoning mixture and let them cook while the burgers cook on the grille. Form 1/4lb or bigger patties and grille to Medium RARE. Your beef may look rarer then it is with the added Cayenne Pepper and Paprika.

    Favorite Turkey Burger:

    - Ground Turkey
    - Curry Powder
    - Salt/Black Pepper
    - Garlic Powder
    - Sweet or Smoked Paprika
    - Onions, minced or chopped

    Chop and or mince your onion and place in a bowl. In the same bowl combine all other ingrediants. Mix together making sure the onion is distributed evenly throughout. Form 1/4lb patties and or how big you'd like and girlle to done.
  5. chesterwin

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    Ground beef or venison about 85 percent lean. (Beef suet is ground with the venison)
    Hand shape patties about 1/2 pound each. Be sure they are rounded and smooth to keep the juices in. Salt and pepper each side.
    Using a webber grille get the coals HOT. Be sure they are fully burned and glowing. Place burgers on grate and put the lid on slightly cracked to keep the smoke in. After about a minute and a half flip the burgers. They should be seared on the first side at this point. Put the lid back on and start checking after about a minute or so. As soon as you see the juice starting to perk through the top a little, they're done!
    Add whatever you want, it's hard to cover up the flavor!!!
  6. 9mm, I think next time I make burgers Im ganna dice up some onions and put them IN the meat like you were talking about. That sounds pretty good.
  7. 9mmXDm

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    It's very good and I think it helps with moisture too. Now sauteed onions in a burger are great too!
  8. Man now I am really hankeren for a burger lol.
  9. Groan,

    you guys have now made me so hungry I have to take pencil to paper and head out to the United Supermarket early this morning (Saturday).

    Actually, thanks for some great ideas.
  10. SwedeSteve

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    Great ideas guys, thanks !! I like to put my cheese IN the burger, pressing the sides together to seal it in. I cook each side of the burger over the coals, then move them off to the side and add soaked alder chips and close the cover. This helps them stay juicy. Just check them every few minutes until done.

  11. ooooo I like the cheese Idea. I think I may have to do that next time. Im making a beef roast tonight but I think I may pull out some hamburger and make burgers tomarrow lol.
  12. SwedeSteve

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    Just make sure you let everyone know where the cheese is, LOL !! People get angry when they bite into molten cheese.
  13. 9mmXDm

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    I'd spit the burger out and throw it away, if someone put cheese on it or in it and didn't tell me about it.
  14. SwedeSteve

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    You don't like cheese ??
  15. ewww temper tempter :p
  16. SwedeSteve

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    I thought EVERYONE liked a cheeseburger. Guess not !!
  17. SwedeSteve

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    C'mon guys !! No one else ??
  18. BigElkCanoe

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    Big fat ground chuck patty with chopped onions mixed into the patty, toast the bun on the grill and butter, (yep butter), six or so jalapeno slices, top with swiss cheese and now the good part, slit that big fat patty butterfly style and stuff blue cheese crumbs in it. It is a B E A utiful thang.
  19. bigbuddy21

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    depends on how many i am going to make.
    hamburger 97% lean,ranch dressing, chopped onion, grated chedder cheese.
    mix all the ingredients, and put on a hot grill for 3 min. per side.
    then have lettuce, tomato, sliced onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard on the side to top.
  20. SwedeSteve

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    Sounds awesome bigbuddy !!