Alleged killer of policeman was on parole

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    While anti-gun Governor Ed Rendell is once again trying to use a tragedy caused by a violent criminal as an excuse to take away firearms owners` rights, it turns out once again that the true culprit is a repeat offender violent criminal and the failure of the criminal justice system that paroled him.

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    when will they learn? When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.......
    and me. :D

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    More shennanigans and demagoguery by Fast Eddie. Go figure. He wouldn't actually want to solve a problem in PA.

    "He had a history of fighting and fleeing police, court records show"

    "In 1993, Cain stole a car in West Philadelphia and crashed it into a fence after a brief police chase. He was sentenced to 11½ to 23 months in the city jail."

    "In 1996, he was stopped by police and reportedly began punching the officers before running away. He was caught and sentenced to no more than 23 months in the city jail."

    "Cain's robbery sentence in 1996 stemmed from a string of armed robberies of state liquor stores in West and Southwest Philadelphia"

    "On Sept. 5, 2006, having served just shy of half his minimum sentence, Cain was sent to Lycoming House, a halfway facility."

    A career criminal, perhaps ? Isn't it a part of the executive function of government to enforce the laws of the state ? Oh yeah, that's FAST EDDIE's department.

    Looks to me like the gun control angle is possibly a COVER UP for fast eddie's total incompetence ?
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  4. I'm not giving my guns up for anyone.

    Criminals prey on the easy targets... I will not be one.

    Right on JohnBlaze...
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    The one radio host in my area,Corbett on WILK is being a jerk regarding this.
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    Apparently, Pa. doesn't adhere to the three strike program or this felon would not have been on the street to have killed the Officer. Existing laws make it illegal for a felon to buy or have a gun but, guess what, the felon ignored these laws as felons do and acquired a gun which he used to commit other felonies including murder and armed robbery. We don't need more gun laws for felons to break, we need ENFORCEMENT of the existing laws and prosecutors who won't plea bargain and will get these felons off the streets.