Almost another candidate for Darwin Awards 08

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  1. He should have scatched his head.

  2. Kinda reminds me of the guy in our state Ill call him Ralph. He shot another guy Ill call him Floyd while they were deer hunting. It happened in the 60's. The shooter Ralph was arrested because he kiilled Floyd. In court Ralph was asked why he shot the Floyd out of the tree stand Floyd was sitting in. "I thought he was a deer" was his reply. Ralph got 10 years.
  3. tlarkin

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    Then he could have made the Darwin awards!
  4. CalifgirlinOk

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    Are you sure Ralph isn't inbred:34:...It sure sounds like he's got a few brain cells missing..!!
  5. DWFan

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    My wife's best friend got really suspicious of her husband when he came home with a broken leg from falling out of a tree while hunting quail.
  6. Midas

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    They walk among us, folks
  7. TexasT

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    Sometimes that itch is so powerful you'll do anything to stop it...I guess...
  8. Big Dog

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    He could also make the Darwin Awards if he had scratched "Down There".... :scool: