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Alright fellas Im back! Need a 50Cal

Discussion in 'General Rifle' started by fullMetalJack, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. fullMetalJack

    fullMetalJack G&G Addict

    Just got back from a long trip . plus not alot of computer access. So hello everyone i havnt talked to in a while. so i was looking around online barret this and barret that, great rifle but my wallet doesnt think so. ive seen a few models hear and there without catching there name that are bolt action . i cant find any info on them. i know the barret model with bolt action, i was just wandering if anyone has any other available models not so pricy

  2. 338RUM

    338RUM G&G Evangelist

    but for the ultimate bolt action 50 google the mcmillan tac-50! Much better than the barrett
  3. Mosin Shooter

    Mosin Shooter G&G Addict

    My thinking is .50's are nice weapons to own, but living in New York, with the ever-present .50 cal ban, I'm looking more towards the .338 LaPua. For the most part, they are cheaper than a .50 to buy and about the same or a little less to shoot.

    Just my two penny's worth
  4. Piper17

    Piper17 Suspended

    You're talking bolts in .50 when bolts in .458 are readily available.

    I've found satisfaction in .45-70 lever.


    What can a bolt do above this with open sights?

    Okay. Put on a scope and have the .458:


    I'll take the No. 1 Ruger scoped in .458 over another bolt above .375HH anytime anywhere.

    Or I'll just use my .45-70 instead.
  5. Mooseman684

    Mooseman684 G&G Newbie

    Armalite AR-50 !!! Hands down , for the money, one of THE BEST bolt action .50 BMG's made.
    Recoil of a .243 and a full stroke Bolt...I Love Mine !

  6. Twitch2120

    Twitch2120 G&G Evangelist

    make sure to suppress it! AAC cyclops FTW! subsonic .50 is awesome.
  7. WisconsinHunter

    WisconsinHunter G&G Newbie

    A 50 BMG and a 45-70 are in two completely different classes.
  8. mouser868

    mouser868 G&G Evangelist

    OK do you need a 50, or do you just want a 50??? I have a lot of wants, not so many needs.
  9. Don357

    Don357 G&G Addict

    Check EAA's website . They have a rifle called the "Black Arrow" made by Zastava, and lists for around $7000. Or you could go with a .50AE AR.

    Better yet, just buy a .50 muzzle loader!
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  10. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

  11. Wiley

    Wiley G&G Newbie

    I wasn't aware of a ban on 50s in New York. When did this happen?
  12. dmsbandit

    dmsbandit G&G Evangelist

    It hasn't yet, but every year or so some NYC politician introduces it and tries to get it passed. :irked:

    The fly in the ointment are the muzzleloaders out there. If they write a bill to exclude muzzleloaders you'll see .500S&W, 50AE, 50BMG,50Beowolf, and anyother .50cal go bye bye.:eek5:
  13. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    I'm ALL barret for a .50, but the Remington military configurations in .338 REALLY light my fire!
  14. H-BAR

    H-BAR G&G Newbie

    i really tried to love the .50 BMG, i loved UEO training on the M82 Barrets in the service, and years back i started with a Ferret .50 BMG single shot upper for an AR-15. it got great accuracy for the $1200 price tag, but even with a decent break, felt like letting off with both barrels of a 10 ga double loaded with 3 1/2's! range times were cut in half even over my most punnishing big bores and .338's, and ibuprophen was downed like "hot tomalies" candy!

    next i went to an LAR grizzley witch shot slightly better, kicked allot less, but it was plug fugly, and the detachable extracting bolt left allot to be desired. since it was a "bull pup" it also left you allot closter to the muzzle break then anyone needed to be!

    i had a friend in Cali that found himself in a pickle after the .50BMG ban and was able to pick up his Mac' Tac .50 BMG (for more then my wife will ever let me spend on a rifle again...), and it was deffinatly the Rolls Royce of .50's i shot to date including the Armalite. after a trigger problem a call to Mac's service got me directly in touch with Rocco MacMillian, who recieved, fixed and shipped it back up to me personally all free of charge in under 3 weeks, ther service is second to none.

    this happened at about the time reloading components went threw the roof and no one could stock anything, much less decent components for the .50 BMG. i went threw everything from pulling apart crusty belted milsurp loads, to spinning my own bullets on the mini lathe from scrap bronze rod trying to keep costs down to around $100 a trip to the range, but at best after shipping everything up here i was getting it to just over $5.00 a round reloading for good, clean and consistant ammo

    i just can't see how all the guys that own M2's can afford a half hour at the range! especially at machinegun shoots were someone pulls up with a AA quad. so in the end, it was just the ammo costs that drove me into selling it. even with the Hubble strapped to one of my .300's-.338's my eyesight limmits me to around 600-700 yds to where i can hit a 50 gallon drum and not look to lucky or foolish about it. the .50 BMG is flying pretty darn flat at those ranges and remove all the fun of reaching out for me! lol!

    if i was young and foolish again, and going for another he man, neandertal testoserone madness driven rifle, i would try and scrounge up a 20mm Lati anti tank rifle just for the fun of putting one back together, but if your sold on a .50 BMG, then there is no substitute for the Mac' Tac for longevity, operation and accuracy, just ask any military Sniper quallified on a .50 BMG
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