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We're tossing around the idea of growing horseradish once we figure out a way to contain it. Otherwise it'll take over, and I honestly don't want an acre of it. The same with mint.

Rhubarb is on the list, but it can be cranky to grow and you really need to be careful with it. Raw it's all poisonous but the leaf stalks are edible after they're cooked. Loaded with vitamin C, makes a great pie or cobbler and pairs well with other fruits and berries.

Berries and fruits that are native to your area! Yeah, I know...well duh! But it's still worth mentioning. I'm told Polkweed is edible but I find it waaaay too bitter for me.

Scrounge around online for free downloads of the Foxfire books if you can't afford to buy them if you can find them. They're out there and loaded with real world information on foraging for wild edibles. They're Appalachian Mountains specific, but a lot of the "weeds" are common across the country.
Be extremely cautious when preparing poke weed, as it's poisonous. It has to be cooked, and drained several times. Several people in Peoria, IL died from eating poke weed many years ago (40+). How Did This Poisonous Plant Become One of the American South’s Most Long-Standing Staples?
1 - 2 of 69 Posts