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I was asked to post a recipe for the Home made Baby Formula My mother used sometimes. That we also gave to our infant child. When my wife could not breast feed. We could not get the only formula at the time, that he was not sensitive to, on a regular basis.
Without it he would have starved.
So here is my mother's recipe as modified with recommendations from our

Also encouraged on this thread is alternative food sources and recipes for them, for when stuff just runs out. Like nettles,Dandelions, ect.
Stuff that may not be absolutely nutritious, but will keep you alive .
In addition to this helpful post, please breast feed if at all possible. Get a professional to offer wisdom and help if need be. There is no healthier start to a child's life. Modern medicine is in a horrible state. Don't let them steer you wrong. Do your homework and men help your ladies. The value of breastmilk is immeasurable. Research vaccinations heavily as well, kids today are given over 70 vaccines. Most, if not all, for no reason at all. The healthiest people alive are those lucky enough to have had zero. Yes we put our money where our mouths are. My kid (now 23) has been sick less times than I can count on one hand. Read read read. Sorry, but I feel it is important that I rant about this when given the window to rant. You owe it to your child to learn.
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