Amazing Little Nest Builders

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    As most of you know I fought b-cancer. Seabee shaved my hair off so I wouldn't have to deal with watching it fell out after my first cemo treatment. I took it and spread it on the lawn hoping the birds would use it for their nest. Well they did. It sure felt odd to sit on the front porch and watch my hair get picked up by the birds and flying off with it.The first pic is the nest I found awhile back with my hair,horses hair,twigs and faded Easter grass. Seabee found the second nest just the other day and gave it to me. And again it had my hair and the horses hair,pieces of an old tarp and twigs.

    I'm sure glad I got to see that my hair went to good use....:approve: The egg is fake in the first pic and both of the nest were built by hummingbirds. They are my favorite birds.

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  2. jtuck

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    That's really cool...the circle of life.

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  4. Earl Easter

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    Thanks for the pictures Debi i enjoyed looking at em...

    Maybe you could save some of that recycled hair and Easter straw so's i can cover my head, it is gonna get cold here soon and i've just about no hair left atall..rotflmao...

    Have a good week ......................Earl
  5. neat! you don't see that every day!
  6. PAPA G

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    go to a carpet store and ask for a small remnant, that should keep your pate warm.
  7. SwedeSteve

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    Very cool !! At least yours went towards something positive !! Mine just bailed out a hair at a time.
  8. grizcty

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    It is truly amazing.
    How Gods little, feathered recyclers work.
  9. grizcty

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    Hey Earl,

    I can send you as much hair, as you want.
    For the cold weather ahead.

    I have 3 Saint Bernard's.
    That are always shedding.
    And I can get it, to color match your beard! :34:
  10. Fantastic

    you clearly operate on an ever higher spirtual level.
  11. Sandy Pockets

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    Amazing how they do that without hands.

    Did you see that special about hummingbirds? They showed the mating flyby the male makes. They had to film it is super fast film to get the snapping noise they make as they fly by. It was proved that their tail feathers makes that noise when they break the sound barrier.

    Fun birds to watch.
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  12. Earl Easter

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    LOL..rotflmao...I'll wear the remnant Papa G, what colour you finger i should go purple would fit right in these

    maybe send that there dog hair,i might be able ta do sompin with that....
    i sure hope your pooch don't have no fleas or ticks,i would look funny ya know scratchin.......
  13. DaTeacha

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    Along the same line, but more of a tale about kids, we have a couple of large size guys at school with hair that is really long. I mean like the dreadlocks you see sticking out of some of the helmets in the NFL. These are otherwise very clean cut, upstanding, honor roll kinds of kids, all college bound, mostly athletes. Kids you would be proud to call your own and would take home in a minute if you could.

    I asked one of them what was up with the hair. They're growing it so they can get it cut off to donate for wigs for people undergoing chemo treatments.

    Kind of makes you smile, doesn't it?
  14. Cyrano

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    New York
    Maybe there's hope for the young generation after all... well, some of them anyway.
  15. Earl Easter

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    You have any more photos you could share CGO?......
  16. CalifgirlinOk

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    What kind of photos do you want to see Earl?
  17. Earl Easter

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    Well it don't matter sis,just some thang to ease the day...LOL..
    Pictures around your house, bigfoot runnin from scotty.....LOL....
    It's time i git a post rollin so i'll give ya one there soon of a black deer fawn...