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Amazing Marlin!...

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took my marlin model 25mn out today for a serious zeroing session and man it was amazing! i shot three groups of three and made adjustments then the rest of the day i put almost 150 rounds into silver dollar sized groups!!! my largest group at 100 yards was 1 1/2" and that was towards the end when i was getting worn out. this is one heck of a gun! going to take my mosin m-91 tomorrow!
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Marlins are nice guns...don't know why I don't have one anymore....???
ya need to go buy one! they have heavy barrel models for the 22mag and the 17 hornady
Was this the tube fed or box mag fed version? I was thinking of getting a tube fed before the ban died, now I'm hoping to see hi-caps for guns other than Ruger. For now, my 10-22 is it. Might still get a tube fed though. Do they have a bull barrel version of the tube fed rifle?
Yep, great value for the money. Both my 25MN (.22WMR) and 17V (.17HMR) will shoot under an inch at 100 yards, with their favorite ammo.
Each rifle has it's particular favorite - my 25MN likes CCI Maximags. It hates the TNT-tipped CCI's though! Weird. It doesn't care for the Winchesters either.
My two Marlins are setup identically - only the 17V's heavy barrel separates it from the 25MN (sporter barrel). I really like being able to use the same magazines for both too. :)
Now, I need to get the .17HM2 version!

My only mods have been to polish the trigger and sear surfaces (lightly) and put in the lighter pen springs. Results in a lighter and smoother trigger, for mere pennies. I can't really justify the RifleBasix triggers yet. $65-$80 a pop!
yeah it has a box mag. i dont know for sure if they make a bull barrel with a tube mag,but i doubt it. may be a good winter project gun for ya to build though!! :cool:
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