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    I'm looking to buy a backpack and had a question about it with no way to find my answer. I researched and found that you can email Amazon if you have any questions, so this is what I did. My question was about the size of the pack. I want to put 2-20" long by 5" diameter tubes in it, along the outer edges of the inside of the pack, and still be able to close it. Now the pack claims to have the following dimensions according to the website: Approx 11.8"L x 22"H x 7.9" W.

    Now I've bought 22" packs before and can't get a 20" item in them, so I'm somewhat skeptical.

    This is the gist of the question I sent them, and this morning I got my response. Here it is:

    Sure it will fits, I just test it ,you can free to buy it.


    I can't begin to tell you how much this pi$$e$ me off!!!
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  2. Sounds like "Lona" is and English as a Second Language speaker to me. Did you email Amazon directly or the seller directly? If it's the seller, you can bet you were dealing with somebody overseas, and I'd look for a different bag. But that's just me. I try to only deal with US based companies through Amazon and eBay.
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    I've run into similar issues, but Amazon Prime is so on the ball that in that situation I just buy it and if it isn't right they send you a return label and refund your money as soon as the tracking number goes active. It's easier and less aggravating than talking to Lona. ;)
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    With Amazon you can ask questions with people that have purchased the item. On the website you scroll down to the Questions section where others have asked questions. Sometimes you'll find answers there. You can also ask you own questions. I've had good responses using this. I've even answered questions on items that I've purchased. Amazon also has a good returns policy so if it doesn't fit you must ah quit.
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    Jax, Fla
    She love you long time?
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    Omaha NE
    I really hate it when I call customer service for an "American" company and then some guy from New Delhi comes on the phone and claims to be "Gary" from Illinois. Just more of our jobs that have been shipped overseas over the last 20 or so years.
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    Too bookoo!
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    Have only dealt with Amazon and mail order for a few things, being an old curmudgeon as I am wont to be.

    But then I would likely prefer the pony express to the alternatives we have been given in this world, such as it is...
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    Yes Papa that is what I would prefer, but it has to meet a couple of additional requirements.
    1. It has to be something I can carry to work and not look like a militant
    2. It has to be somewhat covert/inconspicuous because it will have a firearm in it and I want people to look right on by me
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    The most unintentionally hilarious conversation I ever had was with a high school and college "English teacher" in Vietnam. With my tenuous grasp of a mixture of flea market Mexican and high school Spanish I would be more qualified to teach Castilian at a college level than she was to even teach English at an elementary level.

    She is my in-laws neighbor and because she "spoke English" they invited her over.

    Her: Hello how ah you.
    Me: I'm doing well, how are you.
    Her (puzzled): Fine thanks, how ah you.
    Me: Good. So...I understand you teach English.
    Her: Yes, teacha Enga-lirsh. At school. To older chi-drun.
    Me: How long have you been teaching?
    Her: 17 and 18 year olduhs, and some students corridge.
    Me: Er, Yeah. So where did you study English.
    Her: Hanoi. My teacher learn in school. He even visited Anger-land once on trip. He teach many Enga-lirsh to Viet student for to teach student.

    This was about the extent of her English as not once after that did I get an answer even approaching the subject matter of the question I asked. She asked me how I was doing four more times, and she occasionally threw in words such as "cheerio," "chap," and "cheers" at seemingly random intervals.

    Sometimes she had every word to make a proper, sensible, sentence but I had to completely re-order every one of them in my mind to come up with a possible interpretation.

    The only properly worded sentences I got were propaganda such as when she asked me about Imperialist America, only to show utter bafflement that A) America wasn't an empire, B.) California is thousands of kilometers away from Alabama, C.) Canada and the U.S. are not the same country, D.) Obama is not, contrary to the opinion of Vietnam, a good president, and E.) my particular breed of American found the term "Yankee" offensive.
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    Ha! Great post.

    May I second 'E', sir? Thank you for the opportunity. Lol
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  14. aris_unlimited

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    I don't buy from amazon anymore. Ever since they started collecting sales tax for Utah (when they aren't located in Utah), I've boycotted them. I consider that act to be fraudulent taxation.
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    I wanna hear Lona say "No tickee, no shirtee".
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    I want to hear her say, "yeah, I'm from Bangladesh. I've never seen your product and don't know crap about it. But wants me to tell you I know all about it."

    Actually, I just want to hear her say, "you too boo koo"
  17. MikeWA

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    I LOL'd at the response.. " I just tested it."
    Honestly, it wouldn't make me mad but it would give me a little giggle for most of a day.
    I love language differences... The most memorable and enjoyable conversations that I have had have been when I am at the newest level in a new language trying to communicate with a native speaker. I -love- that. Have done it in Spanish, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, German, Russian and Colombian Spanish (they have the equivalent of a drawl.)
    Good customer service is such a rarity that it stands out like a minor miracle when it occurs. I don't get mad... Because I already expect amusement.
  18. Pronsias

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    This doesn't sound like an Amazon response. Check the top, it's probably a third party seller in China. Be glad you got a response at all.

    You can also ask questions to other buyers. Scroll down.
    Right response, wrong target. Amazon doesn't want to collect tax, the states are making them.

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    Actually it was a big thing in the news here that amazon was not legally obligated to collect sales tax from utah. As they are not in utah state they are not held liable to utah laws. Utah even offered them a percentage of the sales tax as incentive to collect utah sales tax. They waved the percentage utah offered them and collect it anyways. And I can't believe any out of state business could be made to collect sales tax from a different state, otherwise all businesses, would have to ask you what state you lived in to collect sales tax for them.

    Could you imagine that? Go on a road trip and have to pay utah sales tax at a gas station in colorado! Also there is no way for utah to even know if they are collecting utah sales tax, as amazon is not required to file tax return with anyone except the federal government and the state(s) they are located in.
  20. TACAV

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    I'm guessing you are familiar with how to pay the Utah "Use Tax" yourself at the end of the tax year if Amazon didn't basically collect it and submit it for you? :confused: