amd 65?

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  1. what do yall think of the hungarian ak thingy, ya know this one?


    ive heard people say it looks uncomfortable, but no real info on it

    yall got some for me (hell, i know knight-rider probably does)
  2. I want one... If nothing else, I'd like to get that foregrip and stripped gas tube to turn my SAR-1 into a look a like.

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    I have the Pistol...It's Ok...Loud as Hell...

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    I train Afghan Police on the Hungarian AMD 65 which is one of the most prevalent AKs in this country at the time.

    The weapon is a very good weapon for what it was designed for.

    When the average shooter fires it compared to a standard AKM it is much easier to control in full auto mode due to fore grip and flash suppressor design.

    It is AK reliable.

    The stock was not designed for any type of cheek stock weld.

    The biggest problem with the gun is the tube stock which can and does break if handled like a club which is also common here

    One of the better compact AKs out there.
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