America in Danger!

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  1. Marine1

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    Gingrich: I'm deeply worried:

    I suggest everyone watch this video, regardless if you like Newt Gingrich, or not. It's cold.. hard-hitting, facts! Judge for yourselves...especially where he speaks of religion, and WW-11.

    What are your comments about this video?

    [ame=""]YouTube - Gingrich: I'm deeply worried[/ame]
  2. Mad Hatter

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    Your link has been removed, but I found it anyway.. Scary but not unexpected..
    Prepare as best you can !!

  3. Wingwiper

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    I highly respect newt and his incredible knowledge of world affairs.

    I am on dial up, what does he say here, just a summary....?
  4. Marine1

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    Link works just fine on this end. I re-checked it twice!
  5. Brother Bob

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    I'm getting a message that says the video is no longer available??????????
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    Darned if I know why you folks can't watch works just great! I just watched it again. Now one of the (3) below has to work??? Lets try some other links below...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Deeply Worried - Newt Gingrich[/ame] - Gingrich: "I am really deeply worried..." "...we're sleepwalking..."

    Gingrich: I'm deeply worried on Technorati
  7. Brother Bob

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    Newt is saying it like it is. I've been worrying about our country since 9/11.
  8. smokey

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    I'm glad somebody in the gov. realizes we are at war with the muslums.I'll be more glad when the rest of the people figure it out,and we start dropping nukes on them. The only way to win this war,is kill them all and let God sort them out :kinky:

    SKS NOOB G&G Evangelist

    Go get 'em Gingrich!!!!!:rocketwhore: :AR15firing:
  10. I didn't have a problem getting to see the video. I'll tell all yall I'm very concerned about what the future holds.
    If I let it I can get scard.
    Were in a holy war with the Muslim and it want be over until we destory all of them.

    Everything in the Bible is be fullfilled at a more excelerated rate. There will be somebody use Nuculer weapons but I don't know which country and who will have them used on them.

    I hope Washington knows whats going on and is ready for it.
  11. kalashnikov47

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    My humble opnion, pull out of the Middle East, cut them off, don't trade anything with them, drill the ******* oil in the USA, and put up fences on the border. Screw the fundamentalist morons be them Christians or Muslims. That's the big problem today is the dumb closed minded idiocy. You have one life, we have one country. fight for that not any other stupid bull$#!t. AMERICA NEEDS TO BE CLOSED.
  12. tommy

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    we screwed!!! what ever happend to fight for the flag to me the soldiers have been fighting and dieing for other flags for years it's time we bring them home and let them protect their land the land they swore to protect not other countries lands and borders

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  13. First off, first link worked fine for me.
    Secondly, he ( Newt ) speaks of something I've worried about for many years.
    Thirdly, and they want to institute gun bans and disarm the citizens of this country, knowing in a heart beat 99.99999% of them would step up, arms at the ready and defend this country and they want to disarm us even though, my opinion, not only Newt feels this way, but many many others in our Government do as well.

    Lastly, I'm also scared for the many, many 5,6,7 and 8 year old children in this country and what they may have or not have when/as they grow up?

    And if you look back at WWII, this country had industry, what industry do we have anymore, in this country? We've let them all pretty much leave or make it no longer profitable to be in business. My honest humble opinion, we've come to rely on too many other countries and that will be the death of this country...

    It's sad to even imagine.

    Iran, yes, they are a land of flippin' nuts and lunatics...
  14. Well, I just get more frustrated . . .

    . . . . because if they believe America may be in danger then why don't the two major parties put forth candidates capable of
    being great leaders?
  15. AKHunter

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    I agree with him 100%. To be honest, if Israel and Iran nuked each other it would simplify a whole lot of things.
  16. Rave

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    It's all about Israel.
    If someone attacks them we are so conned by them that we will start WWIII.:sad:
  17. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist

    An attack on any of our allies is an attack on us. That is our foreign policy. This is understood by all countries of the world and brings stability throughout the world. This is another reason why we've befriended former Soviet Block countries and is why Putin is so upset with us. Bush has assured him numerous times not to worry. HA HA HA. Be afraid, Vladimir! Be very afraid!
  18. mym1a

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    well, many in this country are in deep denial. libs think if we chastize our selves enough throw enough money at poverty all of this will go away!!!!!!!!!I don't think so but who am I just another pick driving individual.
  19. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist

    Yet another thing that blows my mind! If I hear one more time that we need to spend more money on education, I'm gonna scream! All it does is line someones pockets! You take the money being spent, per child, per year, in this country, and invest it in the Fortune 500, they'll all be millionaires by the time they are 18! Typical Liberal attitude! Throw money at every **** problem they see! We continue to add funding to schools, yet teachers are still spending $2,000 out of their own pockets, per year, so the kids can have what they need because some parents think more of themselves than their kids.
  20. TXplt

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    Ya hit the nail on the head.

    In the 70's with high energy costs/inflation our industrial infrastructure was still largely functional. It's not now.

    There is hope, though. It's not too late to build and rebuild.

    Also, no matter what, America's NOT going to disarm.