America Is At A Crossroads

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    Op-Ed by Daniel Bobinski

    America is at a crossroads with revolution on our doorstep. On one side are the Patriots; those who seek to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. On the other side are Marxist insurrectionists; those who believe that America is evil and the cause of so many problems in world.

    The Marxist-friendly side is pulling for Joe Biden to be ushered into the White House. They don’t call themselves Marxists, but as the saying goes, if it talks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s a duck.

    I’ve been writing since January that the Globalists don’t care if there’s bloodshed in America, and in March I wrote that the Left is waging a scorched-earth war against Trump.

    At the risk of sounding like I’m saying, “I told you so,” I told you so.

    If you’ve been reading tea leaves from the news lately, you may have already figured out what’s coming at us in the next few months. If so, the following may simply affirm your observations. But I wanted to put this out there so everyone knows what to expect and therefore won’t be surprised.

    My seven predictions for how 2020 comes to an end:

    Prediction 1: Trump will win the election in a landslide. I know, the media is telling you the polls are tight, but just look around. Trump rallies are packed to the gills while Biden can’t fill the bleachers at a high school football field. Trump supporters hold huge boat parades while we see NONE for Biden. Trump supporters hold freeway caravans around that country that take up all lanes of a freeway, while an attempted caravan for Biden in Las Vegas drew only 30 people. Just like in 2016, pollsters today are making it look like it’s a close race. This is gaslighting – they’re telling you something that runs directly opposite of what your own eyes are telling you, but they’re expecting you to believe what they say.

    Prediction 2: On the evening of November 3, Joe Biden will not concede the election, even though the vote will clearly be for Trump. Hillary Clinton has publicly stated that Joe should not concede, so the seed has been planted in our minds to expect this. And, because we’re expecting it, we won’t be shocked by it.

    Prediction 3: Massive mail voter fraud will create confusion and Marxists (e.g. Democrats) will insist that “every vote counts.” They know Americans want to be fair so Marxists will play on that. They will cry and wail and plead that every vote needs to get counted, so they’ll ask for sympathy for voters who didn’t follow confusing new election rules about how to cast their mail-in ballots. That will be their story, but many votes will be fraudulent. As they’ve demonstrated on America’s streets, Marxists don’t care about following laws; they care about power.

    Prediction 4: Because of massive mail fraud ballots showing up late, election results WILL be delayed. The deceptive Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook and the clearly biased Jack Dorsey at Twitter have already announced they will flag any posts or tweets that claim a victory for Trump. They KNOW Trump will have more than enough votes to win, but as Zuckerberg already told us, we should expect results to take “DAYS OR EVEN WEEKS.” In other words, Facebook and Twitter are well-aware of the planned mail-in voter fraud, and they’re already providing cover for it. The planned vote count confusion will be dragged out as long as possible. The Marxists’ intention is to keep confusion swirling at least until December 14 in hopes that the electoral college won’t be able to identify a winner. Expect ballots to keep showing up out of nowhere.

    Prediction 5: If Marxists cannot keep up the façade until December 14, some states will obfuscate the electoral process by choosing not to follow the rules laid out in the 12th Amendment. In fact, both may happen. Either way, by attempting to throw the electoral college into confusion, Marxists (again, the Democrats) will make a push for the electoral college to be eliminated. Believe me when I say you don’t want this. Students of the Constitution know that if the electoral college is eliminated, the Republic will be gone.

    Prediction 6: Expect Nancy Pelosi to be acting all patriotic and concerned about the Constitution during the chaos, but rest assured, it’s a passive-aggressive act. She is among the Marxist vanguard in both houses of Congress orchestrating the whole mess. You will also see some Marxist-friendly governors making a lot of noise.

    Prediction 7: While Marxists in Congress are messing with the electoral process, Marxists on the streets (Antifa and BLM) will intensify their violence by burning, looting, and murdering even more than what we’ve seen to this point. There’s already a movement that seeks to lay siege to the White House. Not only do the puppet masters want all the street chaos to distract our attention from what’s going on in the electoral process, the street Marxists see this election as their only chance to either grab power or put up with Trump for four more years. The protestors have been trained to instigate violence, and copy-cat wannabes will want to join in. Street Marxists will view these riots as the fight of their lives: it will get intense.

    To perpetuate the riots, puppet masters like George Soros will continue pouring money into organizations that fund them. Also remember that Antifa and BLM have threatened to go into the suburbs. Their purpose for doing so is to trigger the Soccer Moms who wants peace at all costs. Marxists will hope that these suburban moms will apply pressure on their elected representatives to give in to the Marxists so the violence will end. Life on American streets will be unpredictable and dangerous.

    How does it end?

    The Marxists are desperate, so the fighting will be like nothing the country has ever seen before. I predict we’ll see horrific things happening in our cities and on our streets, and traditional media (read: Marxist-friendly media) will be spewing twisted truths and lies about everything listed above. And we can’t forget that social media giants favor the Marxists in this revolution, so they will be squelching debate in whatever ways they can.

    The final months of 2020 will be an emotional roller coaster, but in the end, I predict Trump prevails. It’s not going to be pretty, and many who are now thinking life will return to normal after November 3 will be sadly mistaken. They will be wondering what happened to the country they once knew.

    Whether the Democrats implode or not after all this happens remains to be seen, but it is my prayer that when the dust settles, all the Marxists plotters and schemers be exposed and truth will be recognized as truth. And then … maybe then … Trump can get on with his promise to drain the entire swamp.

    # #

    Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed. is a certified behavioral analyst, best-selling author, corporate trainer, executive coach, and columnist. He’s also a veteran and a self-described Christian Libertarian who believes in the principles of free market capitalism – while standing firmly against crony capitalism.
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    Link to article?
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    Thank you kind sir

    Sending to family chat...

    Preparing for SHTF
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    We certainly live in interesting times !!
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    Thanks for that, Ten Man. Think there's alot of wisdom in there; not sure it'll play out exactly like that but I do certainly see some of it happening. Think there's alot of insight there and the communists will do WHATEVER they can to manipulate the vote counting. This is a key tenet of communism.

    The GOOD thing is we're gonna get another pro-constitutionalist on the SCOTUS which will help un muddy the waters. I do see lots of contestments going on with the left doing their violent marxist thing. You can't reason with crazy people, but you CAN make sure they understand boundaries and if they're going to go nuts do so in someone else's backyard. Even animals tend to shy away from pop-pop-pop or BOOM BOOM BOOM.
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    I'm sure we will be seeing elements of some or all of these predictions. It is, no doubt, a given that it will be a mess. I expect to see rioting and violence near polling stations in conservative ares as well.
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    It'll be mighty interesting if the BLMmers/Antifa try to attack the White House. The Marines enjoy some light exercise, the marxists lose a lot of warm bodies.
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    Oh, please, please, please, please.....

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  10. No problem, brother...
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    Fill your propane tanks and pile the firewood high. It's likely going to be a cold winter.
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    Not where I live! :D
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    I just watched the Obamanation clip stumping for the basement bidder. The "big guy" seems to be staying underground.
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    Like I said before...

    Ol’ Hidin’ Biden.
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    Likely the rioting , killing and burning Democrats will attack the electrical grids , disabling them for months . This will cause all businesses , banks , gas stations , food stores , doctor offices , and pharmacies to immediately shut down . As soon as the back up generators run out of fuel , water will stop coming out of faucets . I have been preparing for this scenario for years .The year 2021 will be interesting . --- If you think they would not destroy their own country , look at what they have recently done " burning and looting their own Democrat strong holds " .--- I get medicines mailed to me through the V.A. . Without me asking they sent me a stockpile of medicine . When I asked about this , I was basically told " in case things go sideways and the supply lines are cut " .
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    The Democrats /Left, far out number the Republican voters. HRC had 2.9 Million more votes than Trump in 2016. He won in the Electoral Collage. The Left is gearing up for a big popular vote. :(:(
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    Ill say again, she won the popular vote BY CHEATING. They rigged it with tons of fraudulent votes, they just didn’t rig it ENOUGH. Why do you think every registered voter is getting a mail in ballot?
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    That's a good point. I hadn't thought about the 'attack the infrastructure' angle by the insurgents. Although this will put THEM in the dark too. Then again, they didn't think about this when burning their own neighborhoods.
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    The Democrats out number Republicans . The Independents out number Republicans. In order to win control Conservatives must fight a majority party. :usa2:
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