American Postal Service Sent Letters to Osama bin Laden

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    2002-10-01 20:32:00

    American Postal Service Sent Letters to Osama bin Laden (0)

    The American postal service sent letters to Afghanistan after September 11 attacks. The letters were addressed to Osama bin Laden. NTVRU.Com reported that those letters were detected and their further shipment was delayed. However, the US Ministry for Justice did not allow to open the envelopes, because there was no reasonable evidence for that. The fact that the letters were addressed to the prime suspect was not considered as reasonable evidence, though. As a result, all those letters were mailed to Afghanistan with other letters and packages. The US Congress toughened the legal norms in the field of struggle with the international terrorism later. Now such letters can be opened and read. Who knows, what can be found there.
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    i suspect they may have been threatening notes sent by enraged Americans. Bin Laden c/o Afghanistan. much like letters to Santa Claus c/o North Pole that kids do.:assult: :nod: