American surplus guns banned from sale from korea

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    The transfer of such a large number of weapons -- 87,310 M1 Garands and 770,160 M1 Carbines -- could potentially be exploited by individuals seeking firearms for illicit purposes," the spokesman told
    "We are working closely with our Korean allies and the U.S. Army in exploring alternative options to dispose of these firearms."

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    This is Bull Sheeet, afraid they are going to fall the wrong hands, what about the thouusands upon thousands of guns that are for sale already In America? This is just plain stupid. We arnt talking about full auto rifles here.


    "Guns that can take high-capacity magazines are a threat to public safety," said Dennis Henigan of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. "Even though they are old, these guns could deliver a great amount of firepower. So I think the Obama administration's concerns are well-taken."

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    ^ spoken like a true Liberal.

    They clearly were used as military guns, and the fact that they likely can take high-capacity magazines makes them a special safety concern," he said.

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    ^ Is this moron aware of the fact that alot of .22lr rifles are able to hold over 30 rounds? Is he aware that guns such as AR-15s that are already legal for sale can hold as many rounds? These people make me sick. All they are trying to do is keep Americans from being able to purchase "Cheeper" rifles.

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    I feel safer already, I'm glad we have "leaders" that are so concerned with the citizen's safety. like the great job they are doing securing our borders.
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    I don't know if it's a 'liberal' thing but it's sure stupid. Don't those guns belong to the taxpayer anyway?
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    epic fail guess we will just melt these down for the good of the people!!! Hell yea Clinton!!!!
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    What is really being said by Obama, "We are broke as crap, and cannot afford to buy them back. Please take this opportunity to sell them to the Chinese to supplement their Army. We, as a socialist country, believe guns are a liberty that our citizens shouldn't have, even though the people that created this country thought they should have them. We are going to use any excuse we can think of to not allow our collectors to have a coveted rifle that they once used to defend this country. Thanks for understanding, your pal the big O."
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    We sure do have some stupid son of a b$&#@'s running our government!!
    This makes me so mad that I just want to scream!!!
    We can already buy AR-15s and AR-10s,AK-47s,SKS's,M1 Garands,M1As,etc....
    What the hell are these morons thinking?!:chairshot::eek:mfg::irked::censored::261::angryfire::bs2::zx11pissed::mad::rant::twak::banghead::banghead::banghead::aargh4::aargh4::aargh4::aargh4::aargh4::hitwithrock::hitwithrock::hitwithrock::cussing::cussing:
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    Does this actually, surprise anyone?

    I remember, a short while back.
    There were posts, saying that there was NO proof.
    That this Resident, in the White House was anti gun.

    I think, this is PROOF!
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    Once again the idiots ride the merry-go-round and pass the buck on the answers
  9. petrol

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    well they were originally bought with tax money, cant they be sued? this is after all the land of freedom and lawsuits.

    i do find it hard to believe that any mexican drug lords would want to be seen with WWII era rifles.
  10. Well !!! Lets just don't sit on our butt's !!! Let's do something about it !!! Call you representitives and call CMP and the NRA.

    When you call your representatives ask for an e-mail address to. Tell your reps what to do about this AND have information about CMP to give.

    If you belong to other gun forums spread the word. Those firearms are our's !!! We should have the opportunity to buy them. Those Fug heads in Washington need to worry more about there jobs than what could be harmful to me and you.

    I'm pissed to and we should'nt let these unlearnt S,O,B.'s decide for us.

    Do your duty and do something !!!! Or don't complain !!!!
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    look at the buck passing run around when media tries to seek answers. unbeleivable. yep Obamas transperancy in Gummint inaction.
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    The only high capacity issue here is high capacity morons...
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    Somebody needs to tell those officials that a M1 Garrand is an 8 rnd 30.06 rifle where the M1 Carbine is a 15-30 round. Both are semi-automatic. Neither are "hood" weapons muchless black rifles.
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    [ame=]YouTube - What is a barrel shroud?[/ame] this says it all......
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    Emails sent to my represenative, sentors, and the White House....remember folks it was the out pouring of letters and emails over the destruction of military spent brass that reversed that too we can with this policy if we take action!
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    It's a crying shame that these antiques will be sold to OTHER COUNTRIES or destroyed. I'd give my left dangle to own an M1 used in the Korean war. So much for that.
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    The Administration, feels they might get in the wrong hands, WTF is the background check for ?
  18. waterdog

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    Man is Washington swarming with zeros.
  19. Where to start on this one? An "antique" firearm has a specific legal definition, these don't fit that category. Enough picking on Fox News and on to other issues. Yes, they were originally built with taxpayer's money, but they are currently owned by South Korea, who wants to sell them back to us. Please, no whining about they were ours to start with. So the Koreans want to turn a storage problem of a BIG pile of old guns into cash, makes sense to me. In fact, I'd buy one if the condition is decent. It would be a buyers market, perhaps that is the "problem?" "High capacity". WTF! Others have pointed out how stupid that is, I agree 100%. Afraid of them falling into the wrong hands? Last I heard, criminals have plenty of guns, as some have pointed out, do they really, really want to arm themselves with these WWII era weapons? I don't think so. Afraid of them falling into the wrong hands? As have all of the Mosins, Enfields, and Mausers that have come here over the years? Afraid of them falling into the wrong hands? What, is the whole licensing/importation system so flawed that that is an issue? (Well, maybe it least in spite of all the regulations, crooks still get guns) Just some general ramblings about some news that makes me sad.