Ammo Availability?

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  1. I love firing my Mosin, and I eventualy want to purchase an m38 and the 91/30 (I have an M44). I already own about 700 rounds of 7.62, having already fired off several hundred. That did not stop me from buying another can of 450 (lightball Hungarian) from AIMsurplus last night. After shipping and what not, I paid about 105 bucks for the can. I could have purchased another Mosin for that price, but I'm paranoid that good ammo for Mosins will dry up, and so I prefer to stock up on ammo before purchasing another Mosin. Is my paranoia unfounded? Is military surplus (IE: GOOD military surplus) going to be on the market for years to come, or is the availability of decent mil surplus an anaomoly that weill soon be dried up?
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    Well, there are several things you can worry about.

    One is the outlaw of importation of mil-surp ammo.
    Another is high taxes on all ammo driving the price up.
    Also they may take all mil-surp ammo off the market because they can't track it like they want to.
    Other than that, nothing really to worry about I guess, but having a lot on hand is always a good thing, I'm low with just over 350 rounds for all my weapons. There are companies like Wolf that make mil-surp ammo reproductions which is pretty cheap, for 7.62x39 for the SKS I pay $5.50/20 rounds. For the M44 I just get the Bulgarian stuff $4/20 rounds. That is at a local outdoors store that is awesome.

  3. The other tact is to reload. Not as cheap as MilSurp, but eliminates the corrosive factor, allows some customization, and is a lot of fun.
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    But, to reload, you have to start with new aftermarket brass, right? Or buy a bunch of the new commercial ammo? You guys have already told me I can't reload my Bulgarian heavy because of the primers.
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    I would like to get the m38 to complete the collection but since they won't dry up any time soon, I'll stick with buying ammo.

    Now that I barely see any of the czech silver tip stuff, I'm getting anal about shooting it. Must pack rat! :D
  7. There is only one "regular" source left for M38's and that's SOG. When those are gone... that's pretty much it. $89 is a bargain.

    Don't say you weren't warned.

    Yup, I buy a few boxes of commercial ammo at a time (currently Prvi Partizan at $10.25 a box) so it doesn't kill the bank account, but the nice thing is that you can reuse it many times (10+), so look at it as 200 rounds per box...

    My brass collection has grown to about 400 rounds.
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    so the M38's at SOG are $89? I'm guessing we're talking about About Us right? If so, thanks for telling me price, i was wondering how much they cost....i bought a rifle from century a while back and later found that they were asking $400 for it, and the place was suppose to only charge me a 15% fee and i was charged $535 alot of places will tell you different base price than the actual price....which irritates me.
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    Centerfire and I.O. both have M38's for sale right now ..I for one dont think there drying up but that the dealers just are holding off for the cheaper rifles IMHO

  10. Can anyone tell me what the price is for the New arrival Garands SOG has? I may ask my dealer to order me one if reasonable or close to CMPs prices?
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    hey GM, you own mosins right?

    also....which one is it that's a cutdown 91/30? M38, M39, M91/59? :feedback:
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  12. Unfortunately Mike82, I DO NOT yet have one. They're on my wish list though. And by they're, I mean one of each, M38,M44 and 91/30. lol

    So to answer your question, I haven't a clue. lol
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    oh....well, then your a ummmm, NOMOSINER errr....something to that effect.....i'm a NODIGICAMMER....cant ever get a digicam and my rifle in the same town as either one of em....atm i am upstate tryin to get my camera back from my sister....well, my transmission gave up the ghost about 7miles outside of town, so atm, i havent gotten around to getting my camera back....grrrrrrrrr....wally world is getting to look desirable for purchasing one :tired:
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    Mike- It's the M91/59.
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    yay....errr wait....dammit, i dunno where to get an M91/59....hey, the rear sight base on 91/59 has the hidden dovetail right?
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    Nope, Mike... it's not hidden, it's just very hard to see. It's on both of my numbers-matching 91/59's: "Svetlana" and "Ivanova". :kiss:
  17. $695...

    Mike the term (sorry Glock) is NOMO.:silly: You are currently a NOCAMDO.
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    rofl geo....that sounds good

    also, the 91/59 has a dovetail under rear sight base? thats what i wanted to hear YEAH!!!! i know what i'm getting next....then an M38 afterwards....a folding bayonet just doesnt appease me, especially knowing it's sighted in with it extended.... Me+extended bayonet=death to either myself or my hunting buddys.
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    Just bought 300 more rounds of the Bulgarian stuff. Came to about 19 cents a round shipped.
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    GRATZ dude!!!