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  1. What is the difference between 7.62 x 54 and 7.62 x 54R ammo?

    I see in Shotgun News where they refer to 7.62 x 54 as Mauser ammo. But the last Mauser ammo I asked for they gave me the 'R' versions.

    Can Mausers shoot either?

    Confused as heck here.....yepper.
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    I wasn't aware that Mausers were chambered in 7.62x54. Are you thinking of the so-called Belgian Mauser chambering?

    7.62x54R is the Mosin-Nagant, Dragunov, etc. round. I believe the R stands for "Russian." It MIGHT stand for "rimmed," but I doubt it. According to older manuals (like Lyman 45th), it stands for "Russian." These days, people are saying "rimmed," but since no one felt the need to add "R" to anything else, I wonder.

    P.S. Not trying to be argumentative, I honestly DO wonder.
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  4. I was referring to an ad in the Shotgun News by "Ammunitionstore" but after digging the paper out again I stand corrected.

    The 7.62. x 54 Mauser I referred to is actually 7.65 x 54 and is designed, apparently, for Argentine Mausers.

    I would opt that 'R' refers to rimmed because there is Russian 7.62 rounds that don't have an 'R' designation given to them.

    I appologize for not being more alert.
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    The "R" is indeed "rimmed", as the 8X56R Hungarian is a rimmed round, too. I've seen European sources give a metric "R" designation to our .22 Hornet.
    The 7.62X54R is also called 7.62X53R in Finnish sources.
    The Mauser we all know and love is 7.92X57.