Ammo for an AR10?

Discussion in 'AR15' started by MKultra, Oct 1, 2010.

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    I just bought this sweet AR10.
    Now I am looking for .308 ammo. I was wondering what you guys recommend for the following purposes:
    1) General Shooting and fun (Cheap as possible but not bad for the rifle).
    2) Precision shooting and good quality.
    Also, any recommendations for bulk buying as fas as web site.

    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    I load my own for the most part . I bought a bunch of lake city brass and use powder 2230c with matchking 168gr and 175 gr bullets . I take my time and focus on quality keeping weights in check. all brass was pre preped by the supplier . I weigh them also and put them in weight groups of other like weight cases. It doesnt get any cheaper than loading your own. I , my son, and my daughter, have all taken deer with my ar10 . For hunting I just buy a box of jacketed core lock bullets. Ive heard stories that some have had problems with feeding a hunting style bullet although mine hasnt to date. My Ar 10 is clearly labled 7.62 although the book says either is ok and the manufactures web site does also . there are many posts on this forum site about 7.62 vs. .308 . please verify ammo capabilitys for your saftey . Have Fun !

  3. Darkfront

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    Nice rifle. For factory precision ammo, I would recommend:

    -Federal Gold Medal 175gr Sierra Matchking
    -Hornady TAP Precision 168gr BTHP
    -Hornady TAP Precision 168gr A-Max
    -Black Hills Gold 168gr Barnes TSX

    For practice, look at the Prvi Partizan M80 .308. It's all NATO spec.

    Good site for this stuff is Palmetto State Armory (Ammunition, Magazines, Rifle Parts and Accessories)
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    my ar10 is the first rifle ive owned thats never seen a factory round.
    for general plinking get the cheapest brass cased ammo you can find.
    id look at black hills ammo as well as what darkfront posted for serious target work.
    and save your brass. rifles get expensive to feed fast. if you really shoot alote, reloading your own is the way to go.
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  6. We only reload here, so none of our rifles have ever had factory ammo through them. For Precision shooting we use only the 175/SMKs in the AR10s we have here. I trim meplats, ....


    .....point and sort and usually seem to find only three weights with a semi-rare odd one. 174.9, 175 and 175.1. The odd one always seems to be 175.2. We only use the hard to find Lake City LR cases although we did test Laupa Match brass. (Try Jeff Bartlett for LR brass, and you'll have to check periodically because it comes in slowly and goes out fast) Welcome to Bartlett Reloaders - Jeff Bartlett The last 1,000 cases we bought from Bartlett's were all head stamped the same year! 'o2! (the good stuff)


    The trimmer indexes on the projectile's ogive, not the base. Once the brass is sized and trimmed we sort it by weight as well allowing no more that a three tenths spread. Out of 100, and allowing for a maximum of a 3/10gr spread, we'll typically have 6 different brass weight categories. Surprisingly, both Lapua and LR are neck and neck for weight consistency.

    After reloading we also sort loaded cartridges by overall weight allowing no more than a three tenths spread. All sorts of sorts, but results are consistent, accurate and very repeatable.

    We don't plink much because we don't have factory ammo. We can reload precision cartridges for less than we can buy cheap plinking ammo.

    Beware of getting into precision reloading for your AR10. You may find the time spent well worth it, but your wife defintely will not! :sorry::icon16:

    Very nice AR, MK!

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  7. Your rifle sure looks like a LR-308 and not a AR10. Anyway, for plinking there is a lot of NATO surplus on the market, I have been getting some good results with some German surplus I picked up a few years ago. For serious target work hand loads are the best way to go.
  8. Sure looks like that to me. Who's the mfg'r ?