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Ammo is scarce

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by KW Gary M, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. KW Gary M

    KW Gary M Suspended

    I went to the Orlando Bass Pro today which is the largest Bass in FL and third largest in the country according to the manager of the gun department. There was not one single round of .380 handgun ammo. Very little .45's and only 2 boxes of .40 that were SXZ Training rounds. Gander Mountain in Ocala was very, very low as well. I even went to Walmart in Leesburg to find 1 box of Winchester White Box in .40 and not a single .380 either. Walmart had about 6 boxes of 9MM and no .45's at all. Is Obama scaring everyone that much?


    PONTIACDM G&G Newbie

    Those who had nothing on hand or very little are the one who are scared the most.
  3. Deersniper

    Deersniper G&G Newbie

    I've seen alot of ladies getting the .380 to protect themselves. Try Mid South shooters supply.
  4. SwedeSteve

    SwedeSteve Freedom Zealot Forum Contributor

    The scare has everyone hoarding. MFG's can't go from 10 to 100mph in output like that. Eventually, stocks will rebuild.
  5. mx308250

    mx308250 G&G Newbie

    I know ammo is getting crazy. Stores sell out of it as soon as it comes in. And what is with the price of 7.62x54r ammo!!! 6 months ago i could buy it for $2.50 a box of 20 at the gun show now it skyrocketed and the cheapest i can find it is $6.50!!! I dont shoot the old 91/30 much but it is fun to shoot every now and then. .223 and .308 fly off the shelves faster than the stock people at stores can stock the shelves with them. I'm not sure how this whole ordeal is going to turn out.
  6. bassoneer

    bassoneer G&G Addict


    I think Obama may have driven the rush to buy up all the ammo, but my prediction is that Walmart stock will be back to normal in a few weeks. B
  7. KW Gary M

    KW Gary M Suspended


    I think you are very right B. I went to the range 3 times this weekend and shot up most of my stock and wanted to pick up a good supply. At least I have 1 box or more for each gun I own so my safety and protection. I also bought a lot of reload components this weekend. I guess I'll get to loading, rebuild my stocak and have fun. I keep a box of factory rounds in each caliber for protection rounds. New to reloading still and not sure I want to trust my life to my reloads quite yet. One day.

    HDRDER G&G Newbie

    It's that way all over the country, everyone is out of ammo well the kind people want anyway. I did find some @Graff&Sons:) they have good prices also, and shipping is free.

    Hello, folks my first post :smirk:

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    Mossberg 590 Special Purpose, and more to get :)

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  9. badbilly56

    badbilly56 G&G Newbie

    same here in northern nevada,although i lucked out and ace hardware is out here in the sticks had plenty of ammo,go figure.ya my .40 ammo was $22.65 a box,glad its just my self defense gun,do my plinking w/.22 pistol
  10. Jim Hamilton

    Jim Hamilton G&G Newbie

    KW Gary, I work at Wally World here in CO, north of Denver, they "never" have .223, 38, 357, only 40's. In rifle, they carry 300 wsm, 300 Win mag, but at $ 49.75 a box, and only a box of each, how good of a stock job can a guy do? Things are pretty slim pickens here, {sorry about the pun}. I've read on this web other W/W stores, Okla., Ark. have shelves loaded to the gills with ammo, either the south part of the country is getting it all, or our managers can't order right. Be safe!


    "He was just too high strung." - Doc Holliday
  11. Noboundaries

    Noboundaries G&G Newbie

    Yep, scarce is a good description of ammo availability.

    When my wife and I go to the range, we'll shoot anywhere from 125 to 300 rounds each, depending upon how we're competing with each other. We've got enough 38s and 357s to make a minimum of five trips to the range. I've picked up some less than desireable 38 ammo (LRN) because it was the only thing available ($12-$15 per box of 50). All the 357s we have for the range are aluminum casing JHP Blazers ($16 per box of 50). I really don't like the stuff, but like the 38s it was available.

    I've been to the range four times in the last month. Time to slow down. The range isn't hurting though. This past Sunday they had a waiting list to get on one of their 20 lanes.
  12. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor

    Slim Pickens here

    not the actor. Bass Pro, Cabelas, Academy, and Wally World low/out on .45, and .38 target practice ammo. Bulk 9mm low too. High end Buffalo Bore stuff still OK in .45; some other defensive rounds low too. .40 seems to be holding up pretty well.

    Couldn't find powder/primers either at Cabelas. Bass Pro had 1 can of Trailboss. Online stuff I want is all on backorder.

    Hopefully it's transient.
  13. GlockMeister

    GlockMeister G&G Evangelist

    But wait, the economy is bad remember? If it is, gun and ammunition and accessories for guns is going strong isn't it? People have money to spend, they're/we're just spending it on specific things, the necessities such as our rent or mortgage, electric and gas bills, food, gasoline guns and ammo and other necessary things and the rest is being set aside for just in case.

    But if you consider how many stores and websites there are that sell ammo and how many are either out or low on stock, that's a lot of money being spent in a supposed bad economy, because let's face it, ammo isn't necessarily cheap.

    Gun owners themselves could just pull America out of this tail spin it's in? lol Go figure.
  14. Bigcountry02

    Bigcountry02 G&G Addict

    Aluquerque is having the same issues, local and the big retailers are running out. The faster the ammo hits the shelves the faster it leaves. I picked up 20 boxes (small size of 20 rounds) of 5.56 for 9.95 each. I did not get greedy, they had an estimated 8 cases on the floor. All gone!

    I have 500 rounds .223 for target shooting on backorder from Cabelas. The only major sports stores - Big 5, Sports Authority and Sportsman Warehouse.

    I have been banned by the wife to go to Big 5 - NO! NO! Russian made gun in this house! :scool:
  15. Sportsterboy

    Sportsterboy G&G Enthusiast

    Ammo supplies

    Was at a Sportsman's Warehouse in NW Arkansas today (Rogers) picking up some .243 for my deer rifles. They still had a pretty good supply of centerfire rifle ammunition, but they were just about cleaned out of most centerfire pistol ammunition (no 45 acp, 9mm, and only a couple boxes of 40 S&W. They did had some hunting calibers in stock (454 Casull, 41 mag, etc), but that was about it. Shelves were pretty much bare. I still have a couple thousand 45 acp and 500 or so 40 S&W reloads. Sounds like that may make me a criminal soon in some states. :feedback:
  16. deadzero

    deadzero G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I work for Dicks sporting goods in SC and people are literally buying handfuls of ammo as i'm trying to stock shelves. 9MM, 380, 38 special, 40, 45, 223, 308 I cant keep in stock. I run low on 357 and 44 mag but don't really run out. the only reason some local shops have reloading supplies is because the prices are outragous. (if that isn't price gouging i dont know what is)
  17. KW Gary M

    KW Gary M Suspended

    Biggest example of price gouging I've seen isn't even a small local shop. It's Cheaper Than Dirt. A lot of their ammo has doubled in price since that sad day in November.
  18. johnnyusa

    johnnyusa G&G Newbie

    most of the stores here in western virginia (not west virginia) have been running low on the popular stuff. wal-mart has been out of .38 special for at least a month.
  19. Pumpkinheaver

    Pumpkinheaver G&G Evangelist

    You can hardly find .22 rimfire ammo at my local wally world right now. It is usually bursting at the seams with ammo.
  20. TGF

    TGF G&G Newbie

    Wal-mart is still running short around here but Cabela's and the LGS all seem to be stocked back up.
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