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  1. jerry

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    Hate to see a new effort got o waste. Let's get it kicked off by telling what our favorite brand of factory ammo is and why. Rimfire, centerfire, shotgun you name it.

    I load for about everything, but I'm partial to Winchester Steel for waterfowl from the Expert's to the Supremes with the dry lok in between a good performer.

    also like Winchester in .22 Wildcats for plinking and power points for critters.:assult:
  2. Mike southers

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    Re: ammo question

    I know what I don't like in factory ammo; too hot of loads in many instances. .375 H&H 300 grain Federals beat me to death from the bench. "Nevermore." Heard the same complaint about Remington .35 Whelen 250 grain. Pulled the bullets and backed them off 2 grains. Didn't crimp them, either.

  3. Big Dog

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    For rimfire, I'm partial to both CCI and Aguila. Winchesters seem to go off to one side in some of my rifles. Remington is inconsistent.
    For centerfire, I usually prefer Remington/UMC. Had some bad experiences with Winchester 9mm and .223.
    For my milsurps, they do well with Sellior&Bellot, and usually with their own nationality of ammo. (Turk 8mm in Turk Mauser, Yugo ammo in Yugo Mauser, etc.)
    For the special stuff (.22-250 and .22 Hornet) I have a favorite vendor at the shows who sells superb reloads. His Hornets with the moly-coated V-MAX is unbeatable.
  4. jarcp

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    Overall (pistol & rifle) I have never had a complaint about S&B. It's accurate (enough for the price), inexpensive!, and provides me with tons of brass to reload.
  5. Logansdad

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    I like Triton Quik Shoks or Winchester Power Points in .22lr. I am partial to Federal Nyclads in my Glock (settle for Hydra Shoks), But I prefer Triton Quik Shoks (if I can find them) in my revolvers. My finicky stoppage prone Walther PPK/S in .32 ACP prompted me to buy Glaser Safety Slugs (because of their full metal jacket ogive). I like white box Winchesters for blowing downrange for the fun of it.
  6. BattleRifleG3

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    For shotshells, it's Federal. They come in the affordable 100rd boxes and every one shoots well. I bought a similar supply of Winchesters, but one of them was dangerously malformed. I deactivated it and will never buy their shells again. For slugs, I do Brenneke. Touted as the best, and the most affordable (I got a bunch for $1.50 per 5 at Dicks). Still looking for an affordable source of 3" 00 buck.
  7. BattleRifleG3

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    For military 7.62x51mm, I stick with European ammo, not sure where it all comes from, but it's always worked well. Stay away from Chilean. It's dirty and misfires every 5 or so rounds. For accurate shooting, Winchester Supreme Match gives me 1.25" on a windy day, and I'm a relatively new shooter.
    For 7.62x39mm, I love Silver Bear. It's so pretty I almost hate to shoot it, but boy does it shoot well. I have yet to shoot my SKS for a group, but expect Silver bear will come out on top. Wolf is ok too.
    For 22LR, I also have yet to group, but I doubt I'll ever buy anything but Federal jacketed stuff in bulk. $9 for 660rds, can't beat that. And it's clean and shiny too, unlike the Winchester Wildcat stuff that's greasy lead.
  8. johno

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    for the sks i like wolf or UMC. For the mauser Romanian and Nazi surplus work well. For the .22 my favorite is the federal jacketed stuff. grouped better than the CCI and remingotn hollowpoints in my marlin. and for the shotgun it stick with federal and S&B. S&B is also a great source of cheap 3' 00 buck.
  9. Mike southers

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    I am currently shooting 200 yard rimfire offhand standing. My shooting partner is using the high dollar Federal Match. I am using the equally high dollar Wolf match. Can't tell the difference in accuracy between the two. The Wolf does feel very lubed up.
  10. elbStJoeMO

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    Favorite Ammo

    For rimfire I've found anything Eley makes is always first class. the TENEX has a tendency to put all the shots in the same hole.
    I load about all my centerfire both rifle and pistol. When I do buy stuff I don't want to look in the grass for my brass I've found that South African PMC to be pretty good and very afordable.
  11. FireStar

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    When it's for plinking or just blasting caps I grab whatever will do (at the lowest cost)...

    But in my personal defense carry (Combat Customized FireStar M40) I only use 180 grain Winchester SXT Black Talons. The way I figure it, (when the chips are down), I want to make sure the BG stays down and out.
  12. For my Mauser i use the turk surplus because it's so darn cheap, but for accuracy i use the old NAZI stuff, i like winchester, UMC, or S&B for my 9mm, i know this is gonna catch heat, but for my mosin-nagant i really preffer the albanian stuff in the green cans, i've never had a problem with it, and it's really accurate out of my 91/59, more accurate than most new comercial stuff, for my SAR1 it's either wolf or silver bear, lets face it i won't be entering any competions with that rifle, so blast away!!
    As for 30'06 i'm still looking for some thing cheap to shoot out of my garand.
  13. zuskav

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    I have tried for my Ruger Mark II Targer 22 LR CCI Blaser, CCI Minimag, Remington Cyclone and Viper, Federal HV, CCI Standard Velocity, S&B Club, Sport, Winchester Laser, Fiocchi 300. The most accurate is Fiocchi 300, tme most powerful (penetration) Remingston Viper with conical bullet,
    In my Ruger GP 141 revolver I have tried 357 Magnum Speer Gold Dot, Magtech SJSP, S&B FMJ and SJSP, Winchester SJSP, Lapua CEPP Super, PMC Eldorado Starfire, - I would prefer Speer, also in 38 Spl (and +P) the best are Lapua and Speer Lawman TMJ
    .22 WMR - CCI MaxiMag, Winchester Super X FMJ, PMC Predator, Hirtenberger JHP, Dynamit Nobel SJHP - the last is the most powerful.
  14. MarkII 22

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    660 rounds :confused: ? All thay got around here is 550 rounds for about 8 something. And shot shells same to BRG3 only wallyworld had some $2.98 a box remington shot shells.I got a few of them hope there as good as the feds.
  15. Benny

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    For just shooting out at the range I like the CCI Blaser ammo. It's not reloadable but it's cheap and I don't have the time to reload at the moment. For home defense I use either Hydra Shoks or Golden Sabers. In .40 S&W the Golden Sabers shoot some pretty good groups and are pretty controllable. For my .22 lr I really like RWS subsonic rounds. It's accurate as heck. If any of you know of any fairly cheap and accurate .30-06 ammo let me know, my 03-A3 is itching for some range time.