Ammo Primers

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  1. E.M.T. Paul

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    can some explain in me the diff. primers also it one is better than others?? thanks ALL!!!
  2. WyrTwister

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    Two basic two basic types .

    Berdan primers - not normally reloaded in theis country . Usuall foreign ammo .

    Boxer primers - commonly reloaded in theis country & elsewhere . Far as I know , all American ammo and some foreign ammo is boxer primed .

    Boxer primers come in Small Rifle & Small Pistol

    Large Rifle & Large Pistol

    Rifle primers are harder & use a differnt formula of explosive in the primer , than pistol primers .

    Then there are shotgun primers , which I know almost nothing about .

    God Bless

  3. E.M.T. Paul

    E.M.T. Paul Guest

    so whats the diff. between boxer and berdan?? is one better??thanks
  4. Klaus

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    Berdan primers have part of the primer, the anvil, machined into the base of the cartridge. Boxer primers are self contained and the case only has the primer pocket and hole. Both work equally well. The Berdan primers are slightly cheaper, but can not be reloaded. When people reload Berdan primed brass, they actually machine out the Berdan primer and convert the brass to Boxer priming.
  5. E.M.T. Paul

    E.M.T. Paul Guest

    thanks!!! Now i know about primers!!
  6. Shaun

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    Thanks Klaus you said everything I would have
  7. Big Dog

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    Easy way to check your ammo - after it's been fired. Look in the case with a light. If you see one large center hole, it's Boxer primed. If you see two small holes ("snake eyes") it's Berdan. Most foreign milsurp is Berdan (though there are exceptions).