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Discussion in 'Mausers' started by Hog Red, Sep 26, 2010.

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    NW AR
    looking to stock up on some milsurp 8mm, any recommendations? I have a Yugo M48A.
    thanks for the help, don't have a clue what to get so any advice would be appreciated.
    wont be used for hunting and the range i shoot at has no restrictions.
  2. There's Romanian 8mm at AIM Surplus -340 on chargers or 380 rounds loose for 100 bucks; that's roughly 29.5 cents on chargers or .263 cents loose.

    Classic Arms has Yugo Surplus; 225 rounds for $60 (.226 cents per), 450 for $110 (.244 cents per), and 900 for $200 (.222 cents per).

    J&G Sales has 15 round boxes starting at .31 cents per round - some discount for large purchases is available.

    Century has 900 rounds of Yugo for $253 (.28 cents per) but will only charge about 15 bucks to ship it.

    I don't know about actual shipping charges at the other places. I have a lot of Yugo surplus and it is pretty good; I don't have a user report on Romanian.

    Hope this helps.

  3. I have really takin' a liking to the Yugo ammo lately. I started using it because it is brass cased and lead core (not steel anywhere), but it is really nice and accurate ammo. I am shooting in 7.62x39 7.62x54R and 8mm. If anything save the old cases and recycle them later (they are all bredan primed)
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    The Yugo 8mm has served me well too. There could be a few that won't fire, occasionally the primers will be seated too deep and the firing pin might not strike the primer enough to get it to fire. It's pretty reasonably priced. I usually buy mine from the Sportsman's Guide. As a "buyer's club member" you get a little discount on ammo, and $10 off coupons frequently so it's not a bad deal after all is said and done for the amount you want to buy.
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    I grabbed a bunch of the Yugo stuff from Sportsman's Guide a while back too. Mainly because I wanted to see if the brass case would cycle smoother than the laquer cased stuff. I have not had a chance to test it yet.

  6. toolman

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    The best I've ever shot was German with a 1933 headstamp, but good luck finding any of that now.
  7. franchi

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    yugo light ball would probably do best
  8. ADGP

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    The only ammo my local gun store has is the '50's Yugo surplus. It runs pretty well out of my K98.
  9. I've only shot reloads out of my Yugo, so I doubt I can help