Ammo Shortage August 2020

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    In a phone interview with Mike Fisher, the VP of Sales and Marketing for Magtech, he pointed out that over the last few years, demand for ammo has been relatively flat. After the recovery from the 2013 crisis, and during the “Trump Slump,” the ammo market has been pretty stable. In 2018, the National Shooting Sports Foundation reported that the entire industry made 8.1 billion rounds of ammo, across all calibers and gauges.


    But now, several unique factors are driving the increase in demand. The first, are the COVID-19 lockdowns. People started buying more guns, and when people buy more guns they also buy more ammo. That would have been fine, but then the civil unrest started. Nothing makes people more uncomfortable than seeing Starbucks on fire, so Americans did what Americans do: bought more guns and ammo. Add to that the fact that it's an election year anyway, and ammo sales always spike in an election year, and you've got historic levels of demand creating an ammo shortage.
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    I agree but I think some people, maybe not enough to be noticed, started to arm up more during the impeachment horse crap. I know I did
    Otherwise not arguing at all.
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    Omaha NE
    Fortunately, I have thousands of rounds of factory ammunition on hand and thousands more rounds of brass, bullets, primers and bottles of powder. I'll last a good little while against the mobs, especially if I yoke together with the neighbors.
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    I can actually say that I've never once stepped foot inside a Starbucks,or even tasted anything they make.
    It wouldn't bother me if every Starbucks burnt to the ground.
    Regular coffee does me just fine!

    And I don't know what ammo shortage everyone is talking about,I seem to have plenty!:usa:
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    No shortage here. Then again, I haven’t checked the stores. They may be having shortages
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    I think most of us saw the writing on the wall the LAST time this happened. And are fairly well fixed to ride out the storm.

    Alot of sheeple have discovered those entities who were charged to protect them were bridled by Marxist politicians when the rubber hit the road. And came to realize that liberal lie they've been living under (that words on paper would keep robbers and all bad things in life at bay) was a lie--spoon fed by the propaganda media and miscreant people intent on political gain. The bubble wrap world doesn't exist.

    Problem becomes how LONG does this last ? Most of us have enough defensive ammo for generations and components for years into the future. But at some point it'll impact our recreational shooting. Now that might be a long time downline (and the nice thing about carrying inventory is being able to weather these storms) but eventually will happen. So we need to make sure these marxists are stopped.

    Fear is a nasty thing. The nice thing about taking ones' self-defense seriously is that it quells fear and empowers a person to realize he or she has a strong vote over their destiny.
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    Txhillbilly, don't let that place catch fire or we'll have another Beirut!

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    From above:

    'The nice thing about taking ones' self-defense seriously is that it quells fear and empowers a person to realize he or she has a strong vote over their destiny.'

    In this pea-brain there is a connection-

    Had a conversation with a co-worker an hour or so ago. He bought a Taurus G3c late last year and got his carry permit. He's been carrying the gun concealed for several months.

    Yesterday was the first time he carried it with one in the pipe. I guess he saw the surprised look on my face when he said that, so we started talking about carrying chambered vs. useless... er, not chambered.

    When asked what prompted him to start carrying the gun +1, he said it just occurred to him that HE was the safety. He was the one that was going to use the tool for its intended purpose, so it should be fully functional on demand. He mentioned that it was his responsibility to gain enough confidence in the weapon and his own skill/judgement. Anything less was 'posing' and he didn't want to be unprepared if the occasion occurred.

    Thought that was interesting.
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    After the panic buy when Obama got elected I made it a necessity to stay stocked up.
    I have plenty of defensive ammo & reloading stockpile is good but hunting season is coming & even though I can reload for hunting I like keeping some factory stuff around. With all the shelves empty it will be hard for other hunters to get the ammo they need, so it may be a little lonely in the big hunting woods this season. LOL
    What do you think will the ammo shortage effect the amount of hunters getting out this season?
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    not around here.
    I shot 1 jacketed bullet last fall... one single bullet.

    it wouldn't surprise me even a little if many hunters still had the same box [or second box] of ammo they bought with their rifle 20 years ago.

    I talked to a guy last fall that brought 4 rounds of ammo on an Elk hunt because that's all he had.
    he couldn't find another box of 300 Savage in California.
    I sent him down to the gas station to pick up another box before going home.
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    I have many boxes of the Perfecta brand 9mm, 45 and 223 that I got from Walmart's when they sold it. I only paid $6 a box for all the 9mm alone. I have seen this ammo online lately from people reselling it for $50 a box. Yes $50 a box and people are buying it that were not prepared.
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    I ran into a friend of mine this morning that works 3rd shift at the Federal plant in Anoka. He said they are running at full capacity. He had to wait 4 weeks to get a case of 9 shot skeet shells. He said even the seconds stockpile they sell to employees is all but gone.
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    I went to Bass Pro last week, mostly to amuse the kids for a while. They had a fair stock of the common calibers of rifle ammunition (.308, .30-06, .270, .243 etc.). There were only 6 boxes of pistol ammunition in the store: 4 of .44 mag. and 2 of .454 Casull. Lots of 12 gauge shells.

    I was talking to dad a couple of days ago though and he told me a 9mm round is impossible to come by in his part of Ohio and reloading components are wiped out as well.
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    I found four old boxes of Winchester .380 Silver Tip, 85 grain in my collection. I listed them on Gunbroker just for the heck of it. In the first two days of an 11 day auction, they are at $240. 4 Boxes for $240!!! $60 a piece. People are nuts!!! And there's 7 days left in the auction?!?!?!
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    I have a gunbroker account. Wonder how much 500 rounds of 9 would go for?
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    Wow! Speechless...
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    And the concealed carry type of pistols are still flying off the shelves. Then people get mad at the gun store owner because he doesn't have the ammunition for the pistol they just purchased. Dad told me one of his coworkers begged him for a box of 9mm reloads for his new pistol. He's loading 9 with 125 gr. bullets these days. He uses the same bullets in .380 loads. He's on a family only barter plan right now. Uncle Bill was the last guy to get ammo off of dad.
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    Seriously considering auctioning off a part of the stash. Those numbers are unreal.