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    Question for all you long time shooters.Kindly list the top three internet retailers of ammunition that you have dealt with---price, service, "always in stock" etc.

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    Here is a list of Online sources to find ammo at. This list is coutesy of dwalexk on the Frugal Forums.
    Online Ammo dealers

    May I also suggest these sites be added,

    Ammunition To Go

    KY Imports Inc.KY Imports Home Page

    The Hunting Shack (HSM ammo)

    Military Gun Supply

    Surplus Ammo Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce

    Ammo Bank The Ammo Bank

    There are many more sites I have found but, these plus the list above are a great start.

    Not all of the sites are the lowest price but in the interest of providing a cross section of sources at which almost every calibre available can be found, it would serve a useful purpose to know where to look.
  4. Cheaper Than Dirt, Bass Pro and Cabella's. Midway has a good selection but is outragously expensive.
  5. You can shop all over the net but I still say you will never beat Walmart. Wally doesn't have a selection of protection rounds but for range and practive you'll never beat Walmart.
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    Unless you're looking for military calibers. 7.62x39, x54, etc. I get most of my pistol calibers there. The WWB 9 and 45 is usually the cheapest at wally world.
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    I load my own ammo, so I buy components. Until their crazy ammo ban policy, I used to buy a lot of components off eBay... I've been buying from these folks, and they are 100% on top of it for customer service, price and quality products:

    I would like to increase my stash of brass, and I've been trying to buy some from these folks...but, they are out of stock each time I contact them. So, I have no clue if they have a clue or not...but they have very good prices listed at their web site:
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    If the rest of their offerings are equal to their .357 Maximum ammo, and I suspect they are, they are excellent. They've just recently retooled, btw.
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  11. I like to shop a midway for most of my online ammo.

    And here Basspro and cabelas don't usually carry what I want. Midway has almost everything. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING!