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  1. Howdy,

    I was thinking yesterday. What is a good safe way to store ammo. More specifically, how to store ammo so you don't get yourself shot to crap, or injure fire fighters and bystanders if your house burns?

    I know about gun safes a bit, but was considering a fire proof safe from the local Office Max.


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    That IS what I store mine in!:right:

  3. Mick

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    I store mine in the glove compartment!
  4. jerry

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    GI ammo cans work for me. If your really worried about fire issues, you could drill some holes in the can or install some sort of rupture disc like they use on flamable cabinets. This would let gas escape. Hopefully any exploding ordinance would be contained enough. Just a cheap way of doing it.

    A fire proof safe would be a good idea.

    Don't put ammo in the gun cabinet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,takes up too much room for guns! :D
  5. PAPA G

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    burning ammo doesn't explode(Hollywierd stuff). it ignites and the bullet has no velocity to do damage. with out the containment of the chamber and barrel, there is no great damage. gunpowder burns very quickly with a short intense heat, which is more likely to spread the fire. but i keep mine in GI ammo cans.:fuss:
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    to me if you have you'er ammo in a ammo can and the bullet are stacked in a way that the back of the bullet is against the can .it will have enough force to do damage. unless the casings explode first . My mom picked up a .22 round on the floor with a vacume cleaner and it had enough force to go through the bag and into the me it depends on if the round has a good backstop to make the force go the other way.
  7. Shaun

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    I keep a minimum 25K rounds in my closet -- I have no worries at all Most are in ammo boxes and the large supplies of pistol ammo are in plastic rubbermaid containers
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    I don't have a lot on hand, keep it in my late fathers fire-retardent strong box with all my important papers and stuff.My brother on the other hand bought out the hardware store in our little home-town just before the new law requiring a license to purchase amm came in.(He refuses to comply and has enough ammo to last a life time of deer and water fowl hunting if he hits what he aims at). He keeps his in an old refidgerator that he has bolted to the floor, and tack welded some locking devices to.
    I also have heard of guys keeping it in the freezer, but I would think this may cause condensation when you take it out.