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    I posted this before..but dont think the title was clear so people missed it.....Lets try this again...cant believe the naked squril pic created more contraverses than this artical....

    Thoughts on AMERICAN POWS?
    Ok this artical from (Link provided) the News makes me SICK!!!!

    (AP) Iraq has not invited a U.S. delegation to discuss the fate of an American pilot shot down over Iraq during the Gulf War, Bush administration officials said Monday, casting doubt on news media reports of an invitation.

    An Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman said Sunday that his country is "ready to receive any American team, accompanied by U.S. media, in order to discuss and document this issue under the supervision of the International Committee of the Red Cross."

    But senior White House and Defense Department officials said Monday they had yet to receive such an invitation directly. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sounded a skeptical note when he said, "I don't believe very much that the regime of Saddam Hussein puts out. They're masters of propaganda."

    "We're not aware of any offer by the Iraqi government," said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, adding that he had seen news media reports on it. "To my knowledge, it is only a fact that it's been printed. Whether it's actually happened, I'm not aware of it, nor is the Department of State, to my knowledge."

    White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said the administration did not have enough information to evaluate a possible invitation.

    But, he said, "The government is always interested in information concerning those who are missing in action."

    Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher was lost when his Navy F/A-18 Hornet jet was shot down on Jan. 17, 1991, the first night of the war.

    Speicher, 33, had been listed as the first casualty of the Gulf War. Last year the Pentagon changed his status from killed in action to missing in action after persistent reports he survived and was being held captive. His tombstone is over an empty grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

    In a search of the crash site in December 1995, investigators discovered the canopy, which ejects with the pilot, spent flares and a survival kit. They also found a tattered flight suit. But no trace of Speicher was found.

    When the U.S. Navy changed his status to missing, the State Department asked Iraq, through the International Red Cross and other channels, for information about the flier.

    Iraq says Speicher was killed without ejecting from the cockpit, though his remains were never found.

    To think that we continue to leave POWS behing is so appaling to me that it makes me question if we are any better than the Muslim terrorist leaders...they have no concern for human life and appearently we do not as well. I would love some input on POWS still being held by other countries. But TO ME (I can only speak for me) I dont know why Im not watching Sadam Husain, (and the current Leader of Veitnam as well) being tourtured on national TV until they give up the location of US Service men/women still listed as MIA/POW.
    Ill be packing My Mosans I say we all meet at the Airport for the first non-stop flight to Iraq...

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    this problem goes at least as far back as WWII when our soviet friends took GI's from the POW camps and sent them to siberia. and korea and vietnam also. thats what happens when we don't win and negotiate peace. we should have continued the battles all the way to moscow, peking , hanoi, take territory take the leaders. george s. patton was right, and got the shaft for expressing his opinion!!!!!!:mad:

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    Doglips & PAPA G - I also heard that Iran was making an attempt to get on the good side of Uncle Sam by interceding in the POW thing, and getting him back home. I really don't trust any of the potential hiding places for the al Queda, as they are all trying to blow smoke to cover their tracks.

    Maybe nuking all of them would be the right thing, especially after the Pakistani Tribal Leaders telling the U. S. to keep out of their territory.
    Like "W" said, "You are either with us, or one of them!" To me that makes the Pakistani Tribal Leaders one of them!
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    First, let me say I have never been a member of any of the Armed Services. I'm police officer and I feel that this is my calling. Leaving our POWs has bothered me since I was young boy learning about the grief and tragedy caused to our country by the failure to recover all of our fighting men and women. I think that if a man/woman puts their life on the line in defense of this country than the least we can do is ensure they make it home if they are fortunate to retain that life. To merely cast them aside as the price for doing battle and/or in the name of international politics is BS.
    After reading of the Rangers who were engaged by aggressive forces in Somalia I was truly inspired. It seems to me that we need to put Rangers in planes because these guys simply will not leave a fallen comrade. Either that, or we need to ensure that all of our troops receive the same "loyalty to your brother" and "never leave a fallen comrade behind" indoctrination that the Rangers receive. Their helicopter pilot was trapped in the crash reckage and they were unable to get him out. Rather than leave his body (I'm not certain but I think they knew he was dead) they established a perimeter rather than get a move on. They are the guardians of our country and all she stands for. Thanks vets!!
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    Doglips,you are an aggitator............and I commend you for it!
    Keep on raving,we need it!