Amy McGrath wins KY Democratic Primary. PWB says there was cheating.

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    After a full week spent counting thousands of mail-in ballots, Amy McGrath has been declared the winner of the Kentucky Jack-Off Partei primary. She will oppose Mitch McConnell in the general election come November.

    She, a white retired Air force pilot, defeated a black man named Charles Booker, a Jackass Partei "progressive" in the mold of Ocrazio-Cortex. This is the latest win by "establishment" Dumbocrats. Apparently even registered Jack-Offs are being put off by the Demokratische Partei progressive liberal fuckwits. But that is not the point Princess Whinybitch took away from the primary.

    She focused on the fact that in lots of black neighborhoods in Lousiville, the largest city in the state, many voters who requested mail-in ballots did not receive them until two days after the election. PWB maintains that "red-lining" was being practiced; that zip codes populated by poor urban blacks conveniently didn't get their mail-in ballots in time to cast their votes. She also fulminated over the fact that in all of Louisville there was only one in-person polling place in a city of upwards of 617,000 people. She implied that this was the fault of the Republicans, who are rehearsing tactics to cheat in the November election.

    Just one problem with her theory. Louisville, the largest city in Kentucky, has been controlled by the Democratic Partei since 1970.

    are the ones that set up the election in Louisville. They determine where the polling places will be. They mail out absentee ballots to those who request them. They set up the requesting process, etc. ad nauseum. If there was any chicanery in the Louisville election, it's the Jackasses who conducted it, not the Republiclowns.

    I will admit the state government strongly advised limiting the number of in-person polling places. In fact, the numbers of poll workers was so low, there were only 170 in-person polling places in the entire state. This is going to be an ongoing problem in the 2020 election unless the federal government can get supplies of gas masks and gloves to the poll workers, many if not most of whom are retirees in at-risk groups. We have all read stories (which the Democrats maintain are fabrications) of massive quantities of faked-up ballots found in Democratic Party offices and in mailboxes proximal to same, filled out in the names of dead people; all the tricks for which the Democrats are infamous.

    And yet there are people who sincerely believe the country can run a general election with a metric boatload of mail-in ballots in a timely fashion.

    Now, back before the Civil War and the nation being linked together by telegraph wires, it took weeks for the states to count the local ballots, bring the local totals to the state capitols, add them up, verify the counts, and send the results to DC. Then DC had to add up the state totals, being mostly interested in Electoral College votes, confirm the numbers, and announce who won, and by how much.

    The telegraph sped up the process significantly. Towns and cities could add up their totals, transmit them to the capitol, the government there do their math, and then each state could telegraph their state results to DC. What took weeks and someone carrying the results in person to Washington DC before the telegraph could be finished in a matter of hours.

    The telephone sped that up some, by an hour or three. Then came national radio and TV hookups that delivered the information to network HQs as quickly as the yankee gummint got them, and computers that could do projections before the counts were 100% complete in each state, with the result that when the polls closed on the West Coast at 9 PM Pacific Standard Time, the networks could release the results from all the Eastern Standard Time and Central Standard Time states at midnight, and have official national results no later than 3 AM Eastern Time after projecting the winner by about 1 AM.

    If we have to revert to counting paper ballots by hand, ignoring the possibility of one or both parties trying to stuff the ballot boxes, will the American people hold still for election results that will be at best questionable? More to the point, will the two candidates and the two major parties accept the results as legitimate? Clueless Joe doesn't know if it's breakfast or Thursday, and Donnie Boy has been erratic of late. I would not rule out the possibility of a citizens' revolt, either by the antifa/BLM crowd, or by ordinary citizens who have just had enough of this $hit. This election will be an important one for reasons I need not repeat here. It MUST be an honest one, for the sake of our Republic and our future.
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    I definitely do not trust this up coming election. Even when I read of voting fraud, I never read of anything being done about it. Until we have some teeth in the laws about cheating at elections & some people see prison time, it's just going to get worse.

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    The only proper way of dealing with voter fraud was done only once that I can remember.
    That was in Athens Tennessee somewhere like 70years ago.
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    :( Hoping that Mitch McConnel regains his senator passion!!!
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